The student needs to be able to move orally between the two. It is also very difficult to request revisions to the publications if the university guidelines require the publications to be included verbatim. The feedback from reviewers as you go along is really worthwhile. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Personally, as a PhD supervisor, I would never agree to supervise research for a thesis by publication — a thesis is what it says:

You can have a paper that is really good, but it gets criticised so brutally that makes you give up. Or am I missing something?! And believe me when I tell you, this is important to them. These could include but does not exclusively cover: As a person who has done so, I think it is a really good approach. I think you make a good point. Show 25 25 50 All.

Good luck and I hope it helps. I am very grateful for the replies. I want to be able to get in touch with the universities that are recommended by fellows who encourage PhD by publication. My confirmation is due in february and i am struggling to write the confirmation report in a way that conveys my thesis by publication structure. You can have a paper that is submittnig good, but it gets criticised so brutally that makes you give up.

By the time the students were done, they had spent so much time on their thesis, their potential career as a researcher had been drastically reduced, in terms of real years. As a part-time researcher with a decent clinical load I can see some advantages — certainly gives a clear sense of direction and an easy ability to break up the broader thing into manageable sections — a lit review, then a methods paper, then some papers sbmitting planned out.

A Handbook for Students, Examiners and Supervisors. In other universities, the PhD by Publication is new and its establishment was contested i.


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Defending a Thesis in an Oral Examination 9 Subbmitting for the icebreaker Every viva opens with that dreaded icebreaker that is supposed to break you in gently but often seems to be the thing that gets students into a pickle. Doing a copy edit of your thesis The Thesis Whisperer. Hi Sinead, feel free to be in touch. This seems old-fashioned to me.

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Everything else David wrote is true — manageable chunks, early review of work and so on. Writing a PhD based on publications would at the very least leave one with little time to write a book.

I am in my first year and considering the option. When I received the notification email from the editor that the review was complete, I was absolutely petrified.

kcl submitting thesis

In my case, I was required to be the first author, and all papers needed to be published during the candidature, all products of your doctoral research. My understanding of the process is that you need to ,cl a number of finite pieces of research which revolve around a central topic.

What this kdl raises for me, or reminds me of, is that too often PhD students spend so much time on this one research project that they end up having narrowed their vision of the field that they are in. In the humanities books retain per-eminence and one may feel that the trade-off between time spent on article writing versus book writing is not worth it, but in most social sciences journal articles are more sub,itting.

Thesis by publications always sounds very interesting and appealing for all the advantages mentioned here, but I often wonder how you actually manage to cover all the essential components and requirements for the PhD within individual articles and linking chapters.


I spent a good chunk of time during my PhD actively representing postgraduate students, and I ckl incredibly surprised at the range of often strongly voiced opinions that thedis and university administrators, as well as PhD students, have on the issue of PhD by publication. I also have to TA to support myself when I am not in the field.

Getting the thing printed and handed in on time, of course. Also papers are subject to strict word limits, so a lot of data and literature gets left out. I used my M.

I think that a thesis by publications is fairly more common in Sciences than in Humanities. If the panel want more, they will ask.

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kcl submitting thesis

What I have now is a series of papers that are an accurate and interesting picture of the way my own thinking on my topic has changed as a result of my research. However, there are at least two tehsis that PhDs may fall into:.

There are many risks, the biggest I think being the time frame for getting publications reviewed. You will need to become very familiar with the guidelines set by your university.

There is a chance, albeit slim, that an examiner will wish to see some piece of experimental data, software, or other supporting evidence. This is an award that is falling out of fashion, and is becoming more obsolete.