I did not stumble upon it by mistake but it was rather through a painstaking journey involving interactions and self-internalization. The exposure gave me an opportunity to grow my ability to pay attention to details, something that will enable me to better contribution to the Army Programmer Community. The specific experience gained while serving as a nurse include vasoactive drips, mechanical ventilation, cardiac assist devices, and invasive hemodynamic monitoring. Nick Peters does not wallow in self-pity but looks at life from a fearless lens. Syed Muneeb June 13, at 2:

I have not taken my GRE exam yet. Ever since I was four, my dad would come home after work dressed in the same type of clothes— navy blue uniform and light blue short. The role exposed me to patient related issues as I provided customer services to the patients based on the prioritization of their needs. Hi Faisal, Without the GRE you will not be able to apply to good programs — i would advise you to take the GRE test first before pursuing the admissions. The practical experiences that I have gained in the military services will enable me to make a reliable contribution to the learning process during different discussions held during the MS Program and hence allow the other students to gain more practical knowledge from the perspective of military operations. Bilal Hassan March 27, at 4: The studies sharpened my skills in research.

Through sharing kausg working together with my classmates, I hope to keep learning aspects that will enhance my personal growth and equip me with skills that I can apply in reaching my professional goals. Salman Shaikh August 22, at 6: This I believe will benefit me professionally as it will enhance my skills of decision-making and problem solving. Through this experience, I have learnt the value of making best decisions at all times.


My talent in the pole vaulting game elevated me into leadership. Currently, I am in my final year of B.

Syed Muneeb June 13, at 2: We could talk and discuss at length about flights. Once I complete the training, I will dedicate my time to research and mentoring other persons who demonstrate a desire to join the profession so that they can also establish their careers in the pharmaceutical industry. Nick Peters does not wallow in self-pity but looks at life from a fearless lens.

Talha Personsl April 17, at Also, can results awaited students apply or not? Obaid June 12, at 6: Scholarship is availed at: Throughout my management and professional undertakings, one of the greatest lessons I have learned is to align my skills and talents to match with the demands and expectations of responsibilities at hand.

Shabana Rahim December 10, at pesonal After six years experience working as a Design Engineer in the aviation industry, I feel that it is time I return to school and undertake a Master’s Degree at Florida International University.

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I believe this hard work is expressed in the graphics world. Noticing my interest in the matter, he promised to take me to the airport to get a first-hand look at the planes. I believe that upon graduation from KAUST, I will have adequate experience, social and professional skills and knowledge in Computational Biosciences, High-performance computing, stateent Computer Networks.

kaust personal statement

Why do you like biology My favourite high school subject was Biology, and moments in the laboratory were my best. As I anticipate to be part of KAUST team, I pfrsonal along the basic knowledge and skills in computer networks, microprocessor, and C-programming together with an aptitude for working in teams and enthusiastic craving for learning in a challenging environment.


kaust personal statement

Siri want to apply for undergraduate engineer study in Kaust. In preparation for embarking on learning about my lifelong career, I involved myself in activities related to achieving this goal.

I am passionate about this field.

Also, I have participated in numbers of events and competitions at at graduate level. Talha Omer November 3, at Lights flashed beautifully on the tips of the wings of the plane. By enhancing a new bionic system, in my opinion, will make our world better.

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E in Civil Engineering and my percentage is These learning opportunities that have been accorded to me over my time in the military services have been instrumental in enabling me to improve my coding in a manner that embodies best practice and good coding structure as I had to work with other developers during software development processes.

This passion to offer care and help to others still burns in me. I am eager to become a very successful researcher in the subject where many did not succeed. Talha Omer May 9, at 7: I also enjoyed Ststement and Chemistry.