Fossil woods collected from Manimala river channel near Karuthavadasserikkara. The wood is finely grained, very durable, and used for making boats, bridges, and furniture. Robbrecht E Tropical woody Rubiaceae. The sea level rose to the present level around yrs BP. Anatomical details of Rhizophora sp. Prasar Bharati, Government of India.

Udayanapuram, Eastern Periphery of Vembanad lake Wood 6. In some cases even the bark was found intact. Anatomical details of Artocarpus sp. As compared to the Early to Middle Holocene, the terrestrial organic influx during the Late Holocene was considerably lesser. Laterisation is a result of the heavy rainfall and humid conditions.

Anacardiaceae Wood diffuse porous; growth rings indistinct; heartwood is rich in leucocyanidin.

Due to the erosion of the riverbank this wood floats down the river, and is collected to serve as fuel. The tree trunks are often found buried under 1—3 m clay sequence in vast areas, all along the thssis from Karunagapally to Ernakulam.


karakana Nair, Rajesh 31 August Thiruvananthapuram city police are the largest police division in Kerala, and it consists of ten Circle Offices and 21 Police Stations and a sanctioned strength fiver police personnel. Therefore, all these factors acting in tandem have produced a complex combination of factors having their effects on ecology and shaping the landforms.

Retrieved 1 March Therefore, the thriving of a dense forest cover during Early to Middle Holocene is mainly attributed to the heavy rainfall. In some cases even the bark was found intact. This era also saw the establishment of the University of Travancore inwhich later became Kerala University.


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Administration of Trivandrum district. Meenadom Ar Meenachil River Wood 9. Burma accounts for nearly one third of the world’s total teak production. Report – Geological Survey of India.

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A sample at 4. Retrieved 27 March Thiruvananthapuram also houses a large army cantonment in Pangode which houses some regiments of the Indian Army.

Current Science 97 2: This part of coastal rivet comprises lagoons and estuaries, perennial and seasonal inland wetlands, used for rice cultivation, alluvial fans and fan deltas and the ridge-runnel systems.

Economics of Indian Cinema. There are 3 universities in Thiruvananthapuram: The embedding material is organic rich clay. Though, the upper yellowish brown mud rich layer records low organic carbon content 0. At the beginning of monsoon, intensification around yrs BP, the sea level was much lower.

The first popularly elected ministry, headed by Pattom Thanu Pillaiwas installed in office on 24 March Samples from Vamanapuram River bank to the east of NH 47 and Killiar bank represent the irver day vegetation and climate Figure 3. Our investigations since in the coastal plains and adjacent hinterland of Kerala State, situated in the southwestern part of India, points out several areas where logs of such fossils are found under thin overburden of Quaternary deposits [1] Unlike the woods of older geological periods, the Quaternary woods are seldom preserved as petrifactions or permineralized forms.


Fabaceae Wood very hard, close-grained, giving a red resin: Awasthi N, Srivastava R Neogene flora of Kerala coast and its palaeoecological and phytogeographical karamaa.

The small family Ebenaceae consists of only 2 genera Diospyros L. Besides, there are positive indications that some of these terrains were sub-aerially exposed lands, which were once thickly forested. American Journal of Botany 89 7: Family Rhizophoraceae consists thesiis 15 genera, often mangroves and species distributed in tropical regions of specially Old World.

karamana river thesis

Transverse section of another sample showing distribution of tylosed vessels and apotracheal parenchyma lines. The effect of this flooding was compounded by the sea level rise during the 7. Press and information Press releases Press Archives. These usually represent the youngest stratigraphical sequence of the studied wetlands, and may have been transported from hinterland by rivers.