Their support is slow and inaccurate, restores are very slow on the odd occasion that it actually works and they are very expensive also. JustCloud is not intended for large businesses or for commercial applications that usually need a very robust backup plan, and instead it focuses more on consumer needs, which is reflected by their highly intuitive and user-friendly control panel that allows users to easily navigate through all the features of JustCloud and manage their file storage and backup needs on the go. This and other problems went on and on, and finally I managed to reinstalled the program in one of 2 computers. Avoid them, they are not reputable. Check this box to confirm you are human. Visit Justcloud Compare Justcloud. Finally they claim they have canceled my account which they should have done when I told the rep it did not meed my needs and made a small refund far short of the payments.

I would recommend JustCloud to anyone who needed to backup their files. This is now months and numerous e-mails ago and still none of my missing files are retrievable. Are you a talented technical writer or blogger and would like to contribute to our website? I have tried to process a cancellation. JustCloud is an easy to use, beginner-friendly cloud storage and online backup service that was criticized in the past by reviewers and users alike for not being transparent enough and not offering the exact same services they advertised.

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This is now months and numerous e-mails ago and still none of my missing files are retrievable. Also, upon my refund going through, I promptly cancelled my paypal payment subscription to JustCloud. To my knowledge pkan subscription would automatically end if I not actively renewed it.


The sharing prompt does state that the link will allow access, but this link will lead directly to a page to set up an account. It offers a hybrid of backup and cloud storage in a single application. After several attempts to try to get the product working i have given up and taken my business to CrashPlan, which is a much more reputable product. With my connection of Hello Businees hope that you will publish this. I paid for a 3 year subscription for Just cloud.

JustCloud have the worse support ever! This makes taking my files around with me even easier.

JustCloud Review

I also love the fact that there is a new mobile app that can be used for JustCloud! JustCloud does little to stand out from the crowd. The simple fact that a failed drive could destroy your work should justlcoud you away from this service.

Any files I backed up usually did not appear. Horrible product and whoever manages it is a complete douche. All my photos, music and important documents I had been kustcloud since were gone, and the JustCloud service reps were claiming that I must have deleted the files from my account. They cannot access my files from a previous computer even though the info says it is there.

I bought a blu-ray burner and am going back old school — burning important files to disks and storing them off site. I went home found it, and looked around on their website. Many back up programs that I have come across in the past have kept me from saving multiple file types, therefore forcing me to convert them or not save them at all.


When I looked up my account, I actually still have 19 months of service available.

JustCloud Review – Updated

I demand a refund. And you even upgraded my account without my asking for it and without notice.

When I did manage to reinstall it by disabling my anti-virus, Just cloud wants me to pay for a new license.!! I subscribed to JustCloud for over 2 years and always had problems. Syncing is also not entirely functional. In bhsiness experience when I needed my files they were either not backed up because of software changes that stopped the backup routine or just recently they scrambled my data when they moved from one server to another.

All of this leads me to think to myself:. I wonder if it’s because they lost my data?

justcloud business plan

They are a ripoff. However, it seems I had an easier time cancelling than one of the previous reviewers.

So this has really helped me. Justcloud lost 90GB half of my files on all of my devices. Thank you for reading.