I want it up front with the best sellers. Like I said, irreverently phrased. Leave a Reply Name required Email required Message. Go out in the world and f— it up beautifully. McKenzie did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Baltimore Sun. Michelle Obama to Grads: TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, providing commentary on events in news, society, and culture.

We welcome outside contributions. Leave a Reply Name required Email required Message. Ask for the world and pay no mind if you are initially turned down. But are you suggesting that John Waters sanctions such killing? Bill Nye to Grads:

Michelle Obama to Grads: Genghis Khan made such a huge empire the term tribe became obsolete, because there were no other tribes to oppose it. Click here to cancel reply. Poetry Free Audio Books: You got through college.

John Waters’ viral RISD commencement speech to be published as a book in April – Baltimore Sun

I mean that I have figured out how to never be around a——-s at any time in my personal and professional life. And, parents, vice versa: These days, everybody wants to be an outsider, politically correct to a fault.


Arianna Huffington to Grads: Remember, a no is free. In his speech, Waters, who also received an honorary degree from the fine arts and design college, encouraged the recent graduates to take artistic chances and leaps that challenged the norms.

john waters risd graduation speech

Jon Bon Jovi to Grads: Separatism is for grzduation. Ken Burns to Grads: Horrify us with new ideas. The truce of maturity will come to families if every member is patient.

So the trigger warning is in effect, and now back to the prepared speech. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to Grads: A creatively crazy person who finally gets power. John Waters is vile and his films are vile. Jim Carrey Commencement Speech: But are you suggesting that John Waters sanctions such killing?

President Obama to Grads: Now who does this fellow, John Waters, oppose?

RISD: John Waters Graduation Speech | Time

Waters’ words, which went viral, will be accompanied by illustrations by artist Eric Hanson and packaged into his latest book “Make Trouble” — set to publish April 11, according to publisher Algonquin Books. Get your tickets today! And finally, count your blessings.


So, the contrast is made, to create two groups for comparison. Eric Schmidt to Grads: A poor person to me can have a big bank balance but is stupid by choice — uncurious, waers, isolated and unavailable to change.

Hairspray is the only really devious movie I ever made.

WATCH: John Waters’ Inspiring RISD Commencement Speech is One Every Grad Needs to Hear

Contact us at editors time. Colin Powell to Grads: Always Play Like an Underdog. We need some rich people:

john waters risd graduation speech