Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of B. So anything above 30 per cent is sent back to the researchers along with the details detected by the software. For database projects, the report must include E-R Diagrams. NAG , June Rupees , during The layout margins are as follows:

Sometimes, it’s unintentional but a huge number prefers to use the research outcome of others for their work. One copy for each batch member and the certificate should consists of names and roll numbers of all batch members. Since similarities are inevitable with several researchers taking up similar topics, the software allows about 30 per cent similarities in the work exposed to it while comparing it with other research works. Texstudio is a good choice for starters as it has auto completion, special characters insert and lots of tools to make typing quick and easy. The document pages must be numbered using numbers i. Executive Council, JNTUH and OSD to Vice Chancellor, instrumental in preparing a Vision Document for JNTUH and redesigning a contemporary logo for JNTUH; and effective interaction with various interest groups involving policy makers, academicians, industry leaders, scientists, managements of colleges, students and society – has equipped me with the necessary experience and skill sets to assume a leadership role and provide direction as Vice-chancellor of a reputed University in Telangana. You will also be needing an editor for writing tex files.


He feels the culture of presenting own thseis has to be promoted consciously. Thanks for sharing this nice information with us. Your name or email address: For Database projects, the report consisting of.

Software not soft on ‘copied’ thesis – The Hindu

Each paragraph in a chapter should be properly numbered for example, 2. Such candidates, however, get a second chance to re-write their thesis for the award of degree.

Printable version May 22, 5: May to September The bound front cover should indicate in suitable embossed letter the following:.

Ekeeda 25 March at The seventh page should thrsis an abstract of the Project report.

jntuh thesis format

National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, – A sample of the final layout can be seen here. The results embodied in this project report have not been submitted to any other University or Thesiw for the award of any Degree or Diploma.

jntuh thesis format

The tables may be represented as Table 1. A sample of the final layout can be seen here Installing Latex MikTex is the main package which is available for free for both windows and linux.


Bond paper A4 size should be used for the preparation of the project report. DFDs in case of Database projects.


jntuh thesis format

The editor window is shown below: Related Topics Hyderabad Hyderabad. Sometimes, it’s unintentional but a huge number prefers to use the research outcome of others for their work.

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The design part must include the following items. This soft copy of the project thesis foramt service will be available from Jntu using Turnitin software for plagiarism check. Replace the user variables, i. What’s is last date for submission??

Please Email the Editor. Arrangement of Paragraph in a Chapter: The entire package can be downloaded from here. If he fails forkat fulfill minimum marks, he has to reappear during the supplementary examination.

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This act will result in passing through the plagiarism check at University in the first submission itself. Various test cases two or three for black box and white box testing. Explain each class with functionality and methods with input and output parameters. Interaction diagrams-Sequence and Collaboration diagrams.