The centre might also be required to hand over to an awarding body officer or appointed agent the completed scripts and any relevant accompanying documentation, as opposed to using the normal script collection or posting procedures. This means that in these cases, candidates will generally have a twelve month wait for an opportunity to retake the examination. These can be found on the websites of the respective organisations. The ruler was removed from the candidate and verified by the head of centre as being unauthorised information relevant to the examination. The Report 14 8.

It was confirmed, following an investigation, that a number of candidates had been prematurely certificated. As the candidate was no longer under direct centre supervision, this action had the potential to impair the integrity of the examination. All other information relating to specific instances of malpractice or irregularities will be destroyed after five years. The school was instructed that the teacher concerned should not have access to any confidential examination information or invigilate examinations for a period of 12 months special conditions. Other instances of malpractice may be considered by the awarding bodies at their discretion. The candidate misunderstood the instructions provided by the centre and left the room unsupervised. The ruler was removed from the candidate and verified by the head of centre as being unauthorised information relevant to the examination.

If evidence comes to light vuidelines considerable time after the offence, a sanction or penalty may still be applied to the series in which the offence was committed and later series. Candidate observations had been fabricated. The JCQ Centre Inspection Service operates in relation to general qualifications and examined vocational qualifications. This is in addition to and not a substitution for the requirement for centres to provide full details of suspected, alleged or confirmed breaches of security.

Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care — Adults Guideljnes The awarding body received an allegation that a centre was claiming certificates before candidates had completed all the units for the qualification.


jcq coursework guidelines 2013

Sanctions and penalties for centre staff malpractice — individuals Alternatively, this function may be allocated to a named member or members of staff.

A failure to co-operate with awarding body requests to investigate thoroughly suspected malpractice. Sanctions and penalties for centre staff malpractice — individuals 20 Statements from the candidates spoken to revealed that she had given advice about particular responses.

It was alleged that the management within the centre was fully aware of the above practices and bullied their staff to achieve targets. The centre manager, who was also the internal verifier, had claimed the certificates knowing that evidence was incomplete.

Regulations and Guidance

The invigilator was upset and unable to continue with her normal duties. The candidate admitted failing to acknowledge the copied material and apologised for not having taken note of briefings on the dangers of plagiarism.

Regulator An organisation designated by government to establish national standards for qualifications and to secure compliance with them. Reflecting on the available information, the awarding body judged that the advice given to the candidates was specific in nature and would have assisted them. Accordingly, an awarding guide,ines will try to protect the identity of an informant if this is asked for guidelinee the time the informant gives information.

The candidate said it was the alarm and he did not know it would go off, as it was a new phone. Any units banked in a previous series are retained, but the units taken in the present series and the aggregation opportunity are lost.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

The teacher admitted to doing this. It details procedures for dealing with suspected malpractice on the part of candidates, centre staff and guidelies others involved in managing the delivery of qualifications, and for taking appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the qualifications.


The candidate was disqualified from the Religious Studies Unit penalty 5. The evidence clearly indicated that there was a case of maladministration on the part of the lead invigilator.

Calaméo – Exam Malpractice Guide

Restrictions on examination or assessment materials A failure to maintain the security of examination or assessment materials. In this document the Committee or awarding body personnel responsible for making decisions in malpractice cases is referred to as the “Malpractice Committee”. GCSE History The invigilator reported that the candidate had been in possession of a mobile phone during the examination, and it contained information which was relevant to the examination.

However, when malpractice is judged to be the result of a serious management failure within a department or the whole centre, the awarding body may apply sanctions against the whole department or centre.

Improper assistance to candidates Any act where assistance is given beyond that permitted by the specification to a candidate or group of candidates, which results in a potential or actual advantage in an examination or assessment.

It was concluded that whilst the centre had conducted the candidate observations, they had fabricated the subsequent requested evidence including signatures and dates.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

The candidate admitted the offence. Each candidate denied wrongdoing.

Exams Office – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

The centre held no records of candidate contact details. In all cases the most recent version of the regulations guidellnes be referred to. Improper assistance to candidates: GCE A Level Economics and Religious Studies The candidate was involved in a timetable clash and had to be supervised after the morning examination until the start of the afternoon examination, which was Religious Studies.