Procedure from case study from UP is as follows: Any idea what can be used? Hi Nagender, it is possible that the application is not uploaded correctly or fees not paid. I have many more questions. Please please help me. To avoid this fiasco, could you please tell until which waiver step it would safe to proceed. You should wait a few more days otherwise call on the number provided to check the payment status.

As far as I know, chances of getting a J1 waiver for scholars who come to the US on a Fulbright fellowship are not very bright specially for Indians. HI Ashootosh I have applied for my J1 final waiver. As I have moved from the address mentioned on my case but can go and collect mails from old address. However, if there are some connections we did not have any in this office, then the work becomes much smoother. How does the passport NORI look like? Hi ashootosh, Thanks for the information. If I go ahead and extend my J1, will I be able to use my waivers next year?

Or after application in the portal I do have to send all documents by mail to Indian consoulate New York only by post?

j1 nori cover letter

Notarization is required if not submitting in person. As i was checking my case status i am unable to find any thing except coer advisory opinion case tab. Here is the link to all the embassy lists My parents helped me in getting all the three NORI. The person at the gate refused to let me in since I did not have an appointment.


Feb 25, Went to Indian embassy in DC for others it may noru consulates depending on their respective locations: Thank you in advance! This is curse of Green card friends.

Successful J1 Waiver

Post 90 days, physical application will not be accepted for the purpose. When I gave the NOS for second correction, I thought the lady will shout at me and tell me to get lost Indian experience.

If you are applying for waiver in US then the process will remain same irrespective. Quick question- I am 8 months into my 2-year stay in India. Are we eligible to apply waiver after getting extension, in 4th u1 5th year?

J1 waiver- A curse!

Recently HRD sent me an email saying your application has been Rejected for not submitting certificate. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Your parents need to get this done. Did you do anything special to obtain clearance from Suart RPO that fast?

J1 Visa Waiver

Probably this is just for the Washington DC jurisdiction, or the Embassy people are trying to prolong the process. Houston jurisdiction Affidavit Houston jurisdiction Biodata. Check your region in the home page of Indian Embassy and apply to that particular embassy.


Answer to your questions are: Hi Ashutosh, Thanks a lot for the post and also for all the replies you are doing patiently.

j1 nori cover letter

I discovered the following equation while going through this stage: Applicant needs to be really on top of procedure for obtaining waiver from home department of state. Thank you, thank you. It really appreciate it.

Mortal Being: J-1 Waiver

I am currently on J1 visa sponsored by University of xyz. Murck Registered Users C Feb 4, If you are so excited about knowing DOS updates as if it was Oscar award nightthen please keep checking after 2 am EST upto anytime!!!

I am confused, can oetter please help if my consulate general jurisdiction is under Houston area so which DOS address I have to send my DS set? My transaction history always nkri pending on the portal although my bank of america account shows I have been charged. What Steps did I follow?

Most of the time the passport office from India sends the letter directly to the Indian Embassy where you applied. Register a new account.

j1 nori cover letter

This is a serious waste of precious months of life.