Finally, I gave in went to an interview. I am hoping more public or non-profit, or quality private, technical institutes will be built in my area, and they will address the needs of the population ITT-Tech is targeting. ITT’s days are numbered. Have heard nothing but rave reviews. They were always hiring recruiters, yet they never offered jobs to people who were qualified and then some. Things were good in criminal justice, having a 4. The commercials made it sound like you would be trained in one specific are rather than taking alot of useless classes we take in college.

All of this being said I have had some issues with itt that caused me to see red – I wanted to graduate ASAP so I asked to be put into additional classes, moving my graduation date up a quarter. That means they need to keep people coming back. But reading all these things about grade inflation and easy classes worries me that I may not be given the credit I deserve by future prospective employers. Since going to ITT I see two different types of people. I am not defending ITT nor am I praising them, like anything in life, what you put into it, is what you are going to get out of it. When the director began to ask her questions about her presentation, she began getting defensive, and being down right rude and smart mouthed with him. The very last email that I sent to her, I called her out on many discrepencies and she refuses to reply to my emails.

During my Capstone quarter, my instructor kept grading reports and returning them.

itt tech ceet capstone project

It is such BS. How can young people, or people of any age, be given huge loans for 4 years of training at a career school? At the tail end of the program, I was brought into financial aid and I ended up signing more paperwork and an cwet document, which brought in a few thousand dollars into the picture.


itt tech ceet capstone project

Portland State said that they would allow me to start over as a freshman with prpject credits. That payments would not have to start being made until 6 months after I graduated.

Sure this is nice to hear And yes I tried to get my money back and had no luck. If we were lucky enough to score an appointment, we were told to make it within 3 days – same day if possible. They just seemed to want to go home because they were over worked at their day job.

Sounds like I have it made. I am very happy with the education I received. Keep your eyes open, and you will see what I mean.

itt tech ceet capstone project

These guys iitt been around for ever! For me it takes former experience on the job as a combat technician to truly know what I’m getting into.

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This project was completed by a group of Associates level electronics students at my campus I’m the guy who started this conversation months ago as of this writing. In my experience the truth is too many traditional school proect need their hands held and extensive training in the most basic skills.

And thank you for listening.

He is enrolled at the Hillard location in Ohio. They knew they were closing the doors but they continued to contact me trying to get my money!!! So basically, almost every student’s repackage of financial aid had one of these private loans. The only jobs he would try to line me up with were working in the fast food industry. MamaPochy in Warrenton, Virginia 40 months ago.


That is a serious symptom of poor teaching ability.

ITT Technical Institute

ITT-Tech says they want to serve students not readily accepted by traditional colleges. During that time, I can come up with over things that most people would beleive are made up. Then all my thoughts were correct, that they would just pass anyone when we had a student I was tutoring, he did not know a thing about what he was doing.

Go in looking for an education and you will defiantly get one, just not in the area you expect.

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When they let you take out thousands upon thousands of dollars, as an 18 year old or a 21 year old, and you think you’re doing the right thing because you are “going to college to get a good job” and to “invest in your future”, you don’t know what the real job market is like and you don’t know that there are 99 other people going up against you for an entry level job. I took all the necessary test passed but later decided not to attend.

So to those who read this webpage before signing up uust remember. Alex Binz in Los Angeles, California 39 months ago. I have hired many graduates from many different educational backgrounds.

In short, if you don’t make the cut for a traditional university, you’ll most likely experience the same faith in the job market, which uses a more brutal selection.