Some funding sources are only available during limited periods of the year often the second half of the fiscal year. The current project on renewing the MM module will provide an easier interface for program areas as well as the Centres of Expertise. The variance is mainly attributable to funding received through the Supplementary Estimates for the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force and the Global Peace and Security Fund, which was offset by a realignment of resources between program activities due to shifting priorities in order to respond to humanitarian crises caused by the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa and the provision of critical humanitarian assistance to address the needs of people affected by ongoing conflicts such as in South Sudan, Syria and Iraq. As demonstrated in Table 8 page 32 , it was found that the number of students per session, averaged across four major CFSI program areas, increased between and from 7. As noted above, operational objectives and plans for accommodation services are not in place and the Bureau’s authority has never been adequately communicated and exercised. The department also undertook consultations with international partners and domestic stakeholders, such as provincial and territorial governments, other government departments, civil society organizations, academics, and research institutions to elicit and incorporate a range of perspectives into the development of Canada’s foreign affairs, trade and development policies. Global Affairs Canada supports increased and more diverse trade and investment to raise the standard of living for all Canadians and to enable Canadian businesses to grow internationally and to create economic opportunities.

DFATD led whole-of-government coordination of Canada’s contribution to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, including efforts to align Canada’s military, security, diplomacy, counter-messaging, communications, and development efforts with Coalition objectives. Results for this sub-program were measured through a survey of program managers at missions, 82 percent of which, against a target of 85 percent, indicated that the mission platform offered functional real property for the delivery of their programs, a decrease compared to last year’s result of 91 percent. They support managers in fulfilling their responsibilities. To alleviate global poverty and enhance prosperity and stability in developing countries, the department manages Canada’s official development assistance. Partnerships with bureau clients are also not formalized. Global Affairs Canada Tel.: Footnote 63 Mission call centre requests for IM services exceeded the service standards of 95 percent with a result of


Canada’s contributions to the Stop Tuberculosis Partnership enabled projects in 46 countries to support innovative approaches for the detection of tuberculosis in vulnerable populations and contributed to the detection and treatment of nearly 1.

Departmental Plan 2018-19

The safety and security of personnel, assets, information and infrastructure abroad remains a core priority for the department. The intentions of the department with respect to a Core Responsibility are reflected in one or more related Departmental Results that the department seeks to contribute to or influence.

A qualitative or quantitative means of measuring an output or outcome, with the intention of gauging the performance of an organization, program, policy or initiative respecting expected results. In addition to strengthening trade and investment with traditional partners, Canada will continue to expand and diversify trade and investment with emerging markets and new partners. The evaluation compared outputs and outcomes against expected outcomes, as noted in Table 5.

Integrated corporate business plan dfatd

A total of 19 SRDT members were deployed in in response to seven emergencies. Number of refugees and internally displaced persons assisted and protected.

This included the deployment of 12 new armoured vehicles to high-risk missions over the past year. Inthis sub-program exceeded all three of its performance targets. The department’s transfer payment management framework ensured compliance with TBS policies and guidelines.

The performance of the TCS Footnote 18 in delivering this program was assessed by examining the success of Canadian exporters, innovators and investors in their business development efforts, as measured by their satisfaction with TCS services provided and the number of commercial agreements facilitated by the TCS.

Indicator has changed Footnote There is a trend toward instituting electronic course delivery as more cost-effective than alternatives e. Report on Plans and Priorities: International Affairs Government of Canada Outcome: Ensuring that administrative resources are used effectively is a key priority for government as noted in the spring Speech from the Throne and Budget.

DFATD continued to develop its asset management framework to improve accountabilities, policies, practices and systems to support informed decision-making, performance monitoring and priority setting.


Buisness tax measures presented in this report are the responsibility of the Minister of Finance. The importance of this function was recognized by the responsible division; the Corporate Operations Bureau SPD annual work plan included corporate contracting oversight and compliance as one priority. A new organizational and governance structure was established, and a comprehensive Change Management Plan was put in place to drive specific initiatives and support effective monitoring of progress by the department’s Corporate Dfaatd Committee.

As well, the information gathered would allow the Corporate Operations Bureau to identify opportunities to develop more cost effective tools.

Audit of the Delivery of Corporate Services at DFAIT Headquarters

Canada led a group of seven countries in coordinating bilateral engagement regarding restrictions on religious freedom, such as blasphemy laws, used to persecute religious minorities. Table 1 outlines responsibilities for procurement and contracting shared, at the time of the rfatd, between five centres of expertise and 15 Area Management Offices as follows:. Within this dynamic world, Canada can play a more prominent role and can foster this through robust bilateral and multilateral engagement.

This team includes skilled and experienced officers who can be deployed plaj hours to respond to international emergency situations. Consequently, the Corporate Operations Bureau was not able to develop an annual procurement plan for the Department. This included flood assistance in India, Morocco and the Balkans, including in Albania.

The evaluation team also reviewed approaches to training evaluation across centres. Practice makes a man perfect essay writing. In these organizations, specialized training remains decentralized to serve both geographically-dispersed clients and in response to the specialized training needs of employees, with subject-matter expertise residing in functional bureaus or regions where training is delivered. Areas for improvement included:. The Integrated Business Plans were approved by their relevant branch heads.

integrated corporate business plan dfatd

CFSI offers a wide range of training opportunities with most clients expressing satisfaction with these services provided. These reports are tabled in Parliament in the fall.

integrated corporate business plan dfatd