The name and footnote of the figure should not be included in it. All format requirements are similar to those applicable to Research papers. Papers with didactic orientation, bulletins and subjects of exclusively local interest will not be considered for publication. Number tables, in Arabic numerals, consecutively in the order of their first citation in the text and supply a brief title for each. The file size should be within 4 MB in size while uploading.

Animal be as humane as possible and the details of anaesthetics and analgesics used should be clearly stated. Home Author Guide for Authors. Archives Current Issue Indexing journal Policies. The name and footnote of the figure should not be included in it. In particular, contributors should avoid making statements costs unless their manuscript includes economic data and analyses. Present your results in a logical sequence in the text, tables, and illustrations, giving the main or most important findings first. For information about the structure of the articles, the authors should read the instructions bellow.

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (IJPR) – Guide for Authors

Plagiarism will be viewed seriously. While there are no fixed lteter to the length of an article, authors are asked to write their manuscripts in a clear and concise manner and to include only data crucial to arriving at their final conclusions. For further information, please contact the Editorial Office through: The source of any financial support, gifts, technical assistance and advice received for the work being published must be indicated in the Acknowledgments section.

A short, paragraph summarizing the most important finding s of the research is required.

ijpr cover letter

The cover letter must state that the manuscript is a resubmit, and the former manuscript number should be provided in the appropriate field on the submission form.


Authors must be careful when they reproduce text, tables or illustrations from other sources.

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research – Guide for Authors

Upload the images in JPEG format. Professionally designed computer generated graphs with a minimum of DPI laser printer output is also acceptable. Labels, numbers, and symbols should be clear and of uniform size. Any technical queries will be referred back to the author, although the Editors reserve the right to make alterations in the text without altering the technical content.

Chapter or Article in ijpt book Author s of Chapter Surname initials. Each figure should have a label on the back, listing the figure number, title of manuscript, first author, and an arrow indicating the top. Gerontology and Leadership Skills for Nurses. If the commentary criticizes an article published in the journal, the authors of the original article will be given an opportunity to reply in the same issue in which the commentary is published.

The publisher and the editor-in-chief are not responsible for claims made coer the advertisements published in the journal.

By submission of a manuscript to the journal, the authors guarantee that they have the authority to publish the work and that the manuscript, or one with substantially the same content, was not published previously, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Research papers, short communications, as well as review articles and commentaries the two latter are only accepted by invitation that address scope of the journal will be considered for publication. Illustrations should be numbered as cited in the sequential order in the text, and each should have a legend on a separate sheet. Type or print out legends maximum 40 words, excluding ljpr credit line for illustrations using double spacing, to the illustrations. The Tables should provide easier understanding and not duplicate information already included in the text or figures.


Original research works in two forms of research paper or short communication could be submitted for consideration for lettdr. Reports of randomized clinical trials should present information on all major study elements, including the protocol, assignment of interventions concealment of allocation to treatment groups, and the method of masking blinding.

Abstract- words 9.

Looking at the Future of the Medicaid Program. Check the manuscript for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Color photographs are welcome at no extra charge. The Institute, Washington The Methods section should only include information that was available at the time the study was planned or protocol written; all information obtained belongs to the ,etter section.

Describe your selection of the observational or experimental participants patients or laboratory animals, including eligibility and exclusion criteria and a description of the source population. The abstract with keywords should be typed on a separate sheet.

ijpr cover letter

The manuscript should be in word or later format. Authors can purchase reprints, payment for which should be done at the time of submitting the proofs.

Please give direct link First coger users will have to register at this site. Upload article- Article File a Submit as a. Contact Information For further information, please contact the Editorial Office through: