Why are you doing an MBA now in spite of earning a good salary? D in Arts M. Do you know where that is? You sit and then you are given a topic to write an essay upon. Therefore, you need to be well read so that you have command over the given topic. In the end suggested me to watch a tv series about numbers called “Numbers”.

Unique methodology for solving data structure, algorithm, system design, and behavioral questions. D in Engineering Ph. Also Singapore economy is service based. Your academic grades seem to be on a downward trajectory. I wrote about how, at the start of the 20th century, there was a huge demand for Ford Model T cars. D in Arts M. P What was P.

A similar example in India would be essaay Tata group. Is it very difficult? I was asked if I could name a few international trade bodies, and what they did.

iift essay gd pi

We had to look at the data, indulge in a discussion and decide on who ;i best Indian cricket team captain was. How many students appear for the entrance test? The final admission of candidates is on the basis of their performance in all these rounds. After that you are asked to give a minute introduction of the topic.

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Spoke at length about my interest in marketing Do you have any companies in mind that you would like to join after your course? Geo-political issues with focus on US election outcomes.


Tell us whether you think the present Indian government is predominantly capitalistic or socialistic in outlook. Do you know essxy trade deficit is? The essay writing round of IIFT tests the written communication skills, logical thinking ability, knowledge and time management skills of candidates. Do you agree with me? You dismissed this ad.

How do you deal with such situations? There were two male panelists M1 and M2 and one female panelist F1 F1: Important dates and requisite information. As candidates are now aware of the essay writing iift, essay writing topics and essay writing experience of IIFT toppers, they should know some tips that will help them to ace the essay writing round of IIFT Exam. The topics of IIFT essay writing are mostly related to current affairs, economics, society, and environment.

D in Education M. People often are taken by surprise when asked to do so ,so please ,I repeat please keep noting down the good points made during the discussion as it might help you to summarize.



iift essay gd pi

I was asked if I could name a few international trade bodies, and what they did. The panelists asked all of us to make our opening points within a minute, going around in a clockwise manner.

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Instead, we were presented with a case and asked to have a discussion around it. D in Mass Communication M. Answered Nov 15, The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Apparently, the waiting period for the Model T could extend up to edsay couple of years. D in Computer Applications Other.

Can you tell us more about that? Therefore, set a timer p write an essay on any of the recommended topics in 20 minutes. Excerpts from Interview 1 – 10th — Updated Mar 31, It is due to this that Ford is considered to be a reliable and respectable brand. The essay or the interviewer might ask you to critically evaluate the outcomes of these happenings.

The answer turned out to be Rotterdam.