ICMR being an apex research agency for formulation, coordination and promotion of Biomedical Research in the country is also engaged in promoting critical mass of human resources as well as fostering research temperament amongst medical graduates. Recepient of Best research poster presentation at state level cardiology conference. At least some percentage of fees using this formula? The report will be evaluated at ICMR and the Council reserves the right to approve or disapprove a report. Praveen Kumar B commented. Healthcare providers who are practicing modern medicine should join and contribute to the Docplexus Community. The subsequent annual report will be for the period of one year.

Praveen Kumar B’s Experience. Assistance is provided to Principal Investigator PI to continue and expand the work with the aim that the facility so created would continue to function even after the funding is over. In addition, there have been a few specific agreements signed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with other countries as well as those signed directly by the ICMR. The information provided in this write-up is based on the experiences of investigators and ICMR to assist the scientists in developing Indo-Foreign collaborative proposals for research in biomedical sciences. An undertaking to the effect that the funds received from the Council will be used strictly for the purpose for which it has been released and;. Praveen Kumar B commented. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Post Box No.

Forms can also be downloaded from ICMR website http: Task Force studies are national projects, centrally planned and coordinated and usually implemented on a multi-centric basis. Proposals are to be prepared using ICMR format which is available on the website. Research staff, Equipment, Contingencies, Travel, Overheads. Formula for Doctors fees. For more details, the website may be seen. The candidate and the guide will indicate their choice of the research topic and will give a brief description of the objectives, methodology, design of the study, expected out come, Up-to-date literature search, ethical considerations and facilities available at the institute for conducting the study as per the proposed protocol and an undertaking by the head of the institute that the candidate will be permitted to undertake the proposed research activity within two years.


Collaborating scientists with expertise and infrastructure available to undertake such activities are identified by the Council itself through its Task Forces and other Expert Committees. Proposals are received throughout the year on the prescribed format, which can be obtained on request from the Director-General, ICMR.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

Detailed information about this STS program, updates and also the application forms, guidelines for preparation of report proforma for report submission, checklists, stipend bill forms etc. Monitoring The fellowship can be terminated ocmr any time on a month’s notice if the progress of work is not satisfactory or on receipt of an adverse report from the Guide.

The value of the studentship will be Rs. Under this programme, the selected medical graduates would be provided financial assistance for years and a total of 25 fellowships will be available per year. Items not allowed of grant. A scientist with outstanding achievements and recognition in a given field can approach ICMR with a specific proposal. Forms can be downloaded from ICMR website www.


Dr. Praveen Kumar B

Preferably below 45 years. Emeritus Medical Scientist Scheme.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

For assistance from Foreign Foundations. Limited to 50 per year. Duration of fellowships is initially limited to three years. An electronic copy of the same.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

Praveen Kumar B’s Memberships. Applications on prescribed format along with tnesis documents are accepted by ICMR. The application form can be obtained from the following address can also be downloaded from the ICMR website: The applicant should be a citizen of India and working in the country. Docplexus Online Services Pvt.

Dr. Praveen Kumar B

Who can submit a proposal. The primary aim of the ICMR is to promote research in the country in the fields of medicine, public health and allied areas. Payment of stipend will be made only if report is approved by the Council.

Selection would be made on the basis of merit. The report will be evaluated at ICMR and the Council reserves the right to approve or disapprove a report. Generally CARs are located in Medical Colleges, non-ICMR Institutes and Universities where there is evidence of definite research advancement in a given area, assurance of local support and maximum facilities. The highlights of scheme are as follows: For age limit, qualification etc.