Remember what makes you unique. These projects come from a wide variety of industries and nations. During and , IBM U. IBM Global Business Services serves multiple industries these are great for networking if you are an experienced hire:. This about doubled the number of consultants within IGS, adding 30, Consultants in 52 countries.

Here’s what you can expect and how to prepare. The scale of the program investment included a back-up system, which opened the door to data management and related services for ISSC as well as other clients. Use past experiences to form your responses. What would you recommend? During and , IBM U.

Have you ever lived abroad? Remember what makes you unique. These positions are primarily available to graduate students mostly non-MBAsbut the brightest minds are encouraged to apply.

The firm has also grown so much, so fast that its culture has lost focus and the pursuit of so many strategies at once have left many clients unsure of what exactly IBM GBS offers at the end of the day.

They were a management consulting firm whose clients were chemical and petroleum companies.

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IBM core values are the basis by which they make corporate decisions. Highlight a range of strengths and skills, be prepared for questions throughout your presentation. Case Study 30 minutes. Interns work in teams of 4 in one of the 14 Extreme Blue labs worldwide. IBM is known for its powerful industry-leading diversity exploits, and its internal support groups gbz strong and cohesive.


ibm case study interview gbs

If applying online or through staffing agencies, the average interview process time line averaged 2. Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. Some key differences vs. The Top 25 Consultants You’re presented with a business problem. Over a 5 year period they have declining revenues and flat gross profit.

Company X sells hardware, software and services. You don’t need a deep knowledge of GBS, use financial evidence if appropriate, it’s inteview to change your sgudy as facts are revealed, ask questions!

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

Inmany large accounting firms were selling off their management and technology consulting segments. Advancement in the ranks is difficult to come by — because the average age is a bit higher, many people make their career at IBM which means that the firm has to slow promotion in inm to avoid becoming top-heavy. Your Recruiting Partner will connect with you when a decision is reached and confirm if you’re selected for an offer. He also published his statements in the newspapers for the citizens to read and be aware.


Each rotation into a new role lasts at least 3 months. Provide a solution and share your thought process. Describe a difficult problem and how you handled it. This about doubled the number of consultants within IGS, adding 30, Consultants in 52 countries. Use past experiences to form your responses. Tell me about a time when inteeview used your diverse ideas on a team. Full Time Graphic Designer During andIBM U.

ibm case study interview gbs

If you have alignment with any of these groups, feel free to reach out to a current member to find out about his or her specific experience at IBM. When it’s over, the interviewing is over. Pricewaterhouse Coopers was one of them. Bridget Van Kralingen Sr. IBM provides all the broad-business based training and offers some more specialized training subjects like sales training, if desired.

Tokyo, Japan Moscow, Russia St. Applying through a target college or university averaged 3 weeks total.