Inculcating national unity in education: If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. In short, this land has changed from a homogenous society to a pluralistic society with Malaysians coming from different cultures, languages and religions. Multi-cultural education is promoted in the curriculum to ensure that all students are aware of cultural, gender, racial and ethnic diversity of the nation and to foster mutual respect and positive social interaction with each other Azhar Wahid, They tend to believe that the 1Malaysia Concept designed to continue national integrity in diverseness to make the better tomorrow.

As a decision, the power of mainstream media is indubitability particularly in advancing the 1Malaysia Concept. History, policy, and reform in Malaysian Education. The enforced use of Malay in government services and education system was to ensure the retention of Malay privileges and special rights. Click to learn more https: This is because today many of those beliefs are in some ways formed or influenced via the mainstream media. Even though the 1Malaysia Concept widely and quickly dispersed and promote, the racialist issue is still exist. Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak asserted that the 1Malaysia concept is unique as it celebrates the diversity of cultures grounded within a unique potpourri of living patterns that is steeped in traditions yet able to accommodate and withstand the winds of change without losing her local cultural balance.

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how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

However, the Government made a decision to refer to the language as Bahasa Malaysia Malaysian Language instead of Bahasa Malayu Malay Language to be more inclusive of the other ethnic groups living in Malaysia. Therefore, people perceive mainstream media as a believable tool to acquire latest information and intelligence. Harmonizing to the star on-line intelligenceDatuk Seri Najib Tun Razak indicated his want to transform 1Malaysia Concept to profit people alternatively of merely for political rhetoric.


This is where mass media, especially television, can play a big role. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The research showed that Malaysian by and large do non really clear about the 1Malaysia Concept. Asian Social Science, 8 Thus, each of us, despite our differences has to unite together to show our Malaysian identity. To guarantee there will be a better and peaceable hereafter, they should vote for the party.

Accessed May 23, The concept of equal access to education at every schooling level is another major characteristic of education development in the mids.

However, lack of funding and insurgency hampered its implementation. Annual report Executive Summary. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. The concept stresses on the acceptance and inclusion of other cultures within the Malaysian realm and unity is vital for a country with plural society like Malaysia. They are powerless to defy the impact of the message and will act the coveted response finally.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Respondent 03 believed that the intellectual formation has been over emphasised to the detriment of other JERIS aspects physical, emotional, spiritual and social. How about receiving a customized one? Parent Teacher Associations and alumni associations help to integrate the school communities with the outside communities.

how to promote 1malaysia concept essay

A logo is an emblem for peculiar administration or company and even persons to advance instant public acknowledgment. It is not news that the Malays are numerically superior to any of the other races in our society.

Engaging 1malayysia in a multimedia cooperative learning environment: In the classrooms of national secondary schools, teaching and learning process promote cooperative learning methods such as doing projects, case research, group discussion, pair work and group assignments to help students of different races to not only improve communication skills with each other but also to interact, share ideas and learn teamwork spirit Neo et al.


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Hypodermic Needle Theory status. Impact of Educational Reports on National Unity in Schools Past and present educational reports have highlighted the needs for curriculum standardization, use of common medium of instruction, employing teachers of all races, using multi-cultural Malaysian context in curriculum and bringing all students together to share common classroom so as to increase openness, interaction and understanding among them.

The enforced use of Malay in government services and education system was to ensure the retention of Malay privileges and special rights. They believe this is the prromote to show their nationalism. Department 1malsysia Statistics Consensus.

Besides, media seldom straight influence audience because there is a two-step flow of media influence, which means that thoughts flow from the media to sentiment leaders and from them to less active subdivisions of the population. In order to make a better tomorrow, everyone should play his or her function decently and take duty.

Furthermore, hoq besides plays an of import function in advancing 1Malayisia Esday. Mainstream media is disseminated via the largest distribution channels.

Media besides need reflect the sentiment and response of diverseness races to authorities to press the 1Malaysia Concept to a higher phase.