The students who pursue their education in Honors graduate with special distinctions, but even more importantly they graduate with additional skills, knowledge, and abilities that will make them competitive in the global work force. For upper-division courses, the requirement is a cumulative 3. To maintain Crimson Scholar status: A total of 18 credits with an Honors designation. Waiver of university honors credit for service learning or international study does not reduce or otherwise affect the total number of credit hours required for graduation, nor can it be applied toward the Senior Capstone Requirement.

Candidates for graduation with University Honors and Distinction in University Honors are expected to make public presentations of their final projects at one or more of the following: In addition to the performance or exhibition, the student must complete a written report or description of the project that is approved by the faculty advisor, to be filed with the Honors College. Simply completing both, required, Viewing the Wider World classes through the Honors College will permit you to achieve this recognition; however, you can take any upper division courses level to complete this requirement. These are the students who come through our Honors College and graduate as visionaries who will make a difference in the world. The Honors Program encourages student writers and artists to develop Honors Thesis projects. Performance expectations should be clearly understood between student and professor. A statement of the methodology or the significance of the medium if appropriate.

If there are questions about the adequacy or clarity of a proposal, it may be necessary for the supervising professor and the Honors Director to confer. Used in psychology and education.

Crimson Scholars receive a number of benefits, including:. Contract form may be downloaded from the Honors College website. The Honors Program encourages student writers and artists to honos Honors Thesis projects. Our Thdsis College is the oldest in New Mexico, and is a nurturing liberal arts college embedded within the bigger university. This waiver will be awarded for college credit earned while participating in any international study program approved by the Honors College or the Office of International Study.


Fewer than 28 hours earned: Setting the bottom margin as described here will automatically result in the distance between the last line and the page number being 0.

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This might also include a brief explanation of the sources you intend to use. The Chicago Manual of Style 13th ed.

honors thesis nmsu

Introduction, including relevant background information and your reason for choosing this research project. The Honors College faculty come from academic departments from throughout the university.

A statement of the hohors or the significance of the medium if appropriate. Provide students with an interdisciplinary, intellectually challenging curriculum that integrates active and service-based learning; Promote university-wide undergraduate research and experiential opportunities, linking students with faculty mentors; Foster faculty enrichment and professional development; Encourage, mentor and guide students seeking postgraduate scholarships and fellowships; Offer students opportunities for developing thessis skills; Create a residential community that combines learning inside and outside the classroom.

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Often students need assistance in narrowing the topic to make it manageable and in recognizing the genuine originality of their approach to the problem.

The student should have a specific topic in mind before conferring with the professor. Simply completing both, required, Viewing the Wider World classes through the Honors College will permit you to achieve this recognition; however, you can take any upper division courses level to complete this requirement. To be eligible for the Crimson Scholars Program, applicants must be degree seeking. A student who completes at least two or level honors seminars will be given a Certificate of Distinction at graduation and special recognition in the commencement program.


The course operates as a workshop that uses student proposals and drafts to discuss effective research approaches and thesis writing. Entering freshmen are automatically eligible for admission to the Honors College and Crimson Scholars by meeting one of the following criteria:. Your work with these students is greatly appreciated. If you do not set the footer, your bottom margin will not be 1.

Detailed statement of the problem you propose to investigate. Honors Certificate Program Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3. A statement of the significance of your research. Many recipients have used this research as the basis for an Honors Thesis.

Submitting a Proposal

Nnmsu is recommended that the internship be taken one or two semesters prior to Completing the Capstone. The goals of the Honors Living and Learning Community are to:. Permission to use this option must be approved in advance by the Honors College.

The honors faculty participate in residence hall programming and frequently attend residence hall floor meetings with students. A description of the significance of the project; i. Students in the Honors College are encouraged to participate in international study.

American Psychological Association, It also thesos many social and extracurricular academic activities. The Modem Language Association of America,