The echoes and the repeat through the dark of not really being there. He had loved it there, more than any place else in the world, but the pain it had caused overrode the happiness like a freight-train. And now Blaine sits on the bed next to him where Kurt lies in a shapeless hump under too many covers and Blaine can’t even get him to drink. You don’t feel good. The stomach flu was never fun. Kurt Hummel and Dr. I wish both Blaine and Kurt could see themselves as the other sees them, how much they are loved and worthy of that love, all the beautiful qualities they can’t see inside.

But Santana gave him mono to prove that he was cheating with Quinn. Kurt notices that something is off with Blaine. Blaine desperately needs people to like him, feels their dislike like a smack to the skull. This was originally supposed to be a part of Your Steady Hands , but it ended up not fitting into the overall story. Besides he really did feel awful. Dental Dilemma reviews Prompt: Carry me to the bathroom?

Well at least it was gross now he thought to himself.

homework flu glee fanfic

The Beginning of the End gleee Kurt and Blaine Anderson Hummel hoped that because their two children Gabriel and Brooklyn weren’t babies anymore that the stress in their lives would go down, but boy where they wrong. I know you want him there, but he’s just too sick. He reached a shaky hand up to straighten his hair out of habit and felt himself sway on his feet a little. He couldn’t help but feel that they’d reached some sort of milestone in their friendship, if Kurt was willing to share his mom with him.

It’s easy enough to take his temperature, because Kurt gives no response at all to Blaine lifting his arm and putting a thermometer into his armpit, so Blaine knows that while they are not in good territory, this thing at least isn’t boiling Kurt to death from the inside. He had assumed it was just the fear of seeing anyone from Dalton, fanficc Grant, making him nauseous, ful sweat run down his homeworrk and his body tremble. This was so sweet. No, flu is when you can’t walk more than a few feet, have crazy painful fevers and, um, occasionally hallucinate.


I kinda freaked out because I never saw this update and went on a crazy search to find it, so now I’m a happy camper.

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Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Just In All Stories: Now, 20 years later, through an act of luck, Kurt’s daughter and Blaine’s daughter meet online and form a friendship that will bring back old memories and maybe change each of their lives forever.

homework flu glee fanfic

I literally have no words. I love that Blaine has such good friends in Amita and Mark, just as Kurt is the doted on little brother of the theatre troupe. Post a new comment 0 comments. If one thing is for sure, this Christmas season will change both of their lives forever.

The two of us could drive Kurt home. He understands the excess feeling now, because all the excess is there for Blaine.

Glee!fic, Unscripted: I’ll Ne’er Trust Medicine – Rainjoy’s writings

They’re have ups and downs, have some crazy hpmework, and have to help each other through the difficult moment. Blaine is the band director for the local gkee school and Kurt is a fashion blogger, who works for Vogue from home. There was no way that he could wake up enough right now to put together an acceptable ensemble.


I’m more confident in that one. He is not someone else and not himself.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Overall he just has a bad week. Blaine has to look after his four sisters after their parents are killed in an accident. They went their separate ways and each made a family of their own.

homework flu glee fanfic

Blaine gets the stomach flu at Nationals season 3. The worst is over now. Elevator Panic reviews Blaine is claustrophobic and does handle being trapped in an elevator very well.

Have I mentioned that this verse is amazing? He had thought he was being ridiculous, worrying that Grant uomework show at Regionals when he had never been to any of the Warblers’ performances before. Every time they do a damned tragedy – Kurt had been irritable for a week about walking sand into the apartment, the sand he’d been rehearsing on because they’re expecting to pretty much flood the stage with ‘blood’ by the end of the play and John doesn’t particularly want his King Lear dissolving into gory farce as they slip and slither all over on it.

He interrogates himself, pokes at himself so small on the inside, so small and containing so much. It’s just lovely even though it’s disturbed and riddled with all the horrors of being really ill.

Blaine gets the stomach flu at Nationals season 3 Glee – Rated: