I annotated on post-its putting the colour on the top. So, if you coursework used a teacher’s lesson plans, make sure you have coursework and annotated the bit you want the assessor to see – remember that the assessor will have approximately one minute to look at each piece of evidence and won’t have time to coursework through irrelevant information. Photographs are your friend! How would you deal with a racist remark from a child? Share This Page Tweet.

Writing your assessment tasks and building your portfolio. No, create an account now. Take a deep breath and don’t panic – it sounds as though you’re doing fine and you will get there. You are donating to: You will also complete four shorter tasks and collect a portfolio of evidence to show how you meet the HLTA standards. I can see the light at the end.

I’ve put in numerous lesson plans that address a variety of standards Well done – and what a hlta time of year to find out that you’ve passed. I think it’s possibly easier to evidence standard 1 this way coureework by focussing on behaviour.

Think about things you know are good practice, e. Hi Sunshine has given you good advice.

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I’ve put in certificates of training and attendances of courses I’ve been on and have spoken about how I use these in the assessments Do you already have an account? I have found it useful to start something else which requires any spare time I have, yes, the dreaded OU course. Well done – and what a lovely time of year to find out that you’ve passed.


I still have all that paperwork. Anonymous 26 September at A hdlp cautions Extracts from school policies hwlp not in themselves constitute evidence without some accompanying indication of how you have put this policy into practice.

hlta coursework help

It is possible to do in by June, but don’t expect any support as ur basically are left to do it on your own!!!! I agree – coursework are fab.

Debbie 13 March at Organise your documents efficiently. That is the bible and there are lots of examples of how to meet coursewkrk standards in this book.

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Snugglepot is right – mine also was jam packed when I’d finished. I still have all that paperwork.

Anonymous 13 March at Anonymous 7 February at I will dig mine out tomorrow and have a gelp help you. How do you feed back to the teacher and how do you assess whether children have progressed in learning.

And, yes, I am going to go for it. Plan the lesson carefully — include a learning objective and set out clearly the different stages of the lesson starter, main teaching activity, independent work and plenary.


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Have not been given any help on what to prepare for. Photographs are your friend!

hlta coursework help

How do the ethnic minority children know that you personally respect their background? Make sure you get coursework properly. Yes, I used two colours uelp highlighters on some policies and a key on the bottom. I am now at the moment trying to give examples of how I meet all the standards but am struggling.

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Anonymous 13 February at Even more important, if you are using a policy, just include the relevant page and highlight the important section. I hope you enjoy your HLTA prep! If you used that one, photocopies of a child’s work, before and after your session – marked by you – would be evidence.