The nurse is aware that successful breastfeeding is most dependent on the:. The teenager with a fiberglass cast asks the nurse if it will be okay to allow his friends to autograph his cast. Sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction case study Sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction case study answers. The nurse responds with which of the following? I will get you some pain medication. The client with color blindness will most likely have problems distinguishing which of the following colors? The nurse is monitoring the progress of a client in labor.

The nurse caring for a client in the neonatal intensive care unit administers adult-strength Digitalis to the 3-pound infant. The nurse caring for a client receiving intravenous magnesium sulfate must closely observe for side effects associated with drug therapy. To facilitate removal, the nurse should instruct the client to:. A year-old client with Grave’s disease is admitted to the unit. Further investigation reveals a small blister on the vulva that is painful to touch. Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of a plaster-of-Paris cast? A fictional reconstruction ” Sickle Cell Anemia Case study continued.

Which of the following activities would the nurse recommend? They are trying to kill me. A client with mania is unable to finish her dinner.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

Practice Exam 3 and Rationales Aug 12, A primigravida, age 42, is 6 weeks pregnant. Which of the following would be the priority nursing diagnosis for the adult client with acute leukemia? Which client should be assigned to the pregnant nurse?


A client with Addison’s disease has been admitted with a history of nausea and vomiting for the past 3 days. The nurse is caring for a client admitted with multiple trauma.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

Which information requires notification of the doctor? Which category of medication prevents the formation of antibodies against the new organ? The physician has ordered an injection of RhoGam for a client with blood type A negative. During pin care, she notes that the LPN uses sterile gloves and Q-tips to clean the pin. He is combative and yells, “I quuzlet to get out of here.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

Which of the following schedules should be used when administering the drops? Which finding by the nurse indicates that the traction is working properly?

Chest tubes serve as a method of draining blood and serous fluid and assist in reinflating the lungs. The nurse is changing the ties of the client with a tracheotomy. Which type of traction will be utilized at the time of discharge?

Which is the best method to use for determining early ascites? The physician has written an order to transfuse 2 units of whole blood. Sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction case study Sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction case study answers. The nurse should be most concerned about which nursing diagnosis? Which action by the nurse should receive priority? She is now in the custody of Child Protective Case Based Pediatrics For Medical Students and Sickle cell anemia does not present clinically before 6 months of age because of the protective effect from the hesi sickle cell case study.


Which of the following foods would the nurse encourage the client in sickle cell crisis to eat? A client with a total hip replacement requires special equipment.

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The ajemia is caring for a client with ascites. The elderly client is admitted to the emergency room. An MRI should not be done if the client has:. Clients with sickle cell anemia are taught to avoid activities that cause hypoxia and hypoxemia.

Sickle Cell Anemia A Fictional Reconstruction Case Study Answers

The infant is admitted to the unit with anemoa of falot. Which statement made by the family member caring for the client with a percutaneous gastrostomy tube indicates understanding of the nurse’s teaching? Which of the following in the client’s history should be reported to the sifkle A client recently started on hemodialysis wants to know how the dialysis will take the place of his kidneys.

There is no need to take thyroid medication because the fetus’s thyroid produces a thyroid-stimulating hormone.