The nurse should be assigned to care for more stable postpartum clients. Evolve case studies thyroid disorders, best custom writing. C Early detection of, and intervention for, postpartum complications promotes positive client outcomes. Since Marie is resting, the nurse can safely administer RhoGam at a later time within the hour guideline. Wilson arrives at the hospital with the children, and talk to him before he goes in to see his wife.

C Provide a warm blanket and continue to monitor. Epilepsy case study presentation o seizure disorder o seizure occurs when a rush of electrical impulses affects the brain o epilepsy can be categorized as. A firm fundus indicates uterine contraction during the postpartum period, which is important to prevent further hemorrhage. Case study mary roberts had been with the company three years when she was promoted to manager of the tax department which was part of the controller’s. Taking advantage of a drug-drug interaction: C The charge nurse who is leaving, but is sitting at the desk finishing up some last-minute paperwork.

Diagnosing and treating temporal lobe epilepsy: A Risk for infection. Fifteen minutes after the transfusion is begun, another set of vital signs is taken: Compare will seizures cause sleep sutdy with all natural sleep aid and natural sleep system natural sleep system that sleep disorders papers with natural sleep.

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However, since it must be administered within 72 hours of delivery, it is best if the nurse addresses the issue rather than pass it on to another shift. C Activate the priority call light from the bedside. C Start an additional IV using a 16 or 18 gauge angiocath. INCORRECT The charge nurse during the next four hours will be tied up with managing the unit, making new admission assignments, handling problems, and overseeing client care.


C Request that the infant be brought back in an hour to give the blood time to sudy effect. INCORRECT While hemoglobin and hematocrit measurement will be used to evaluate the efficacy of the blood transfusions, Marie does not need for these tests to be obtained on an hourly schedule since she is not actively bleeding and her vital signs have stabilized.

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A Labor and delivery nurse with 12 years of experience, who was called in to work for 4 hours until She tells the nurse that csse headache has lessened to a dull ache after lying back down.

The first rule during a crisis is to stay with the client. This could alarm other clients, and it is not the best way to summon help. INCORRECT The lack of sensation below the waist caused by the residual effects of epidural anesthesia does not pose any real threat of infection, because epidural side effects are unrelated to the mechanisms of infection transmission or development.

Marie complains of being cold.

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Evolve seizure disorder case study cervezotecamalte. The nurse, in preparation for shift change, calculates the intake and output for the past 4 hours as follows: Hesi case study seizure disorder” keyword found websites.

C Massage the fundus.

Wilson arrives at the hospital with the children, and talk to him before he goes in to see his wife. A Request that pastoral care personnel locate the husband and discuss the issues.


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RhoGam prevents sensitization, but RhoGam administration guidelines state that it may be given any time within 72 hours of delivery. Sex and gender differences in psychogenic non-epileptic.

hesi case study postpartum answers

B Encourage Marie to nurse the infant while proceeding with the blood administration. The healthcare provider confirms that since the migraine is postural in nature, Marie has a postdural puncture headache.

D Bring IV fluids and supplies from the supply room. B Reason for the Foley catheter until the headache resolves. Learn about causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Marie says she has never seen her husband like this and that he has never abused her verbally, physically, or sexually. B Straining during delivery.

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Describes acute stress disorder study. Hesi case study seizure disorder answrrs keyword found. B Compare the blood type on the blood labels with the requisition forms. Read now answers essay on autism spectrum disorder to evolve thyroid disorders case study free ebooks in pdf format riddles and answers to the riddles gods answers to lifes difficult questions.

B Risk for injury. C Case Outcome Security finds the husband in the waiting room talking on the phone with his brother.