You should have finished the diagrams explaining the formation of meanders, levees and deltas. For Friday, Dec 12th: How can the three main types of cloud be further sub-divided see p 4. Many of the effects were immediate or primary , eg injuries from falling buildings. The large number of deaths meant that hospitals and morgues became full and bodies then had to be piled up on the streets. Look a the sheet you have been given and explain with examples the 3Ps:

The port, other major roads and communications link were damaged beyond repair and needed replacing. Make sure you have finished all the volcano work and have done the report on volcanic activity in Iceland 1. Make sure you have finished your case study, print it out or send it to your group members and also send me a copy too. There were many aftershocks after the main event. The earthquake occurred on January 12 th , the epicentre was centred just 10 miles southwest of the capital city, Port au Prince and the quake was shallow—only about kilometres below the land’s surface. For Monday, Dec 15th: Many of the effects were immediate or primary , eg injuries from falling buildings.

There are a series of videos on the YouTube Channel in the Weather and Climate playlist that will help.


Earthquake Case Study (Haiti – Poor)

Childline offers lots of support to young people. For those of eartthquake who missed lessons at the end of last term, please ensure your work is up to date and that your book is handed into me next week.

haiti earthquake case study bbc bitesize

Read page 94, copy diagram 3. Talk to friends, family and teachers. Ensure you have finished the diagrams and explanations of the different river features: Greenfield Geography – scroll down the page to the section on the Holderness Coast.

Transport and communication links were also badly damaged by the earthquake. Many of the effects were immediate or primaryeg injuries from falling buildings. Homework for Friday, April 24th: The effects of this earthquake were particularly bad because of the following reasons: Large parts of this impoverished nation where damage, most importantly the capital Port Au Prince, where shanty towns and even the presidential palace crumbled to dust.

How are sand dunes formed? Explain what oktas are?

For Friday, Nov 14th: Homework for Friday, March 6th: You are not alone. Give a brief explanation of each one. Produce your leaflet on Tropical Rainforests or Deserts and send it to me by Thursday, May 21st at the latest.

Haiti Earthquake

Explain what Nimbostratus and cumulonimbus clouds are and draw Fig 7. You should have finished the worksheet on Marine Processes and Features.


haiti earthquake case study bbc bitesize

This site uses cookies. There is a revision checklist and guide if you bigesize on the links. It is estimated the 1 in 5 jobs were lost as a result of the quake Rubble from collapsed buildings blocked roads and rail links. Read pages of the text books and then do the following: There were many impacts including. Geography Revision Timetable There are lots of different ways of revising.

haiti earthquake case study bbc bitesize

What causes earthquakes – both natural and man-made p62 Hodder and p Oxford? Cloud types and extent Page 1. Port-au-Prince’s morgues were quickly overwhelmed with many tens of thousands of bodies having to be buried in bitsize graves. Evaluate the possible reasons for the aid effort to Haiti being so slow.

Lack of immediate aid through poor planning, management and access meant that people had to try and rescue each other. Airport and port damaged. Click here for larger version.