I already filed AR form change of address. Use i94 number on the most recent H4 approval i form. H4 EAD processing time is 2 to 5 months. USCIS does not care about the reason as long as they do not sense any fraud. The application was filed using the below set of documents. Here are the suggestions. Or I got to wait till I receive the copy of my new I

The form will be submitted along with I H1 renewal and I H4 renewal. They will decide if they want to withdraw or just let it get denied. Can we apply for H4 EAD based on the receipt? I dont have a trip in mind, should I still fill in those? First Prev 3 of 13 Go to page. I have some questions on the cover letters provided and EAD application.

USCIS Sample Application Withdrawal Letter

Comments are to drive conversation, add your thoughts, experiences, ask questions! As lette do not have your surname and it is blank on passport, you should follow this: Is this gap consirered as “out of status”? Part 1, number 3. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. What address should I file?

h4 ead cover letter sample

I am on h4 visa. Use the paper clip and bound them together.

h4 ead cover letter sample

If any issue is raised by USCIS later with respect to your withdrawal or current status, you can submit the certified mail receipt and copy of letter as a proof that you did samole a withdrawal. I am applying for my wife EAD as she was on H4. This is NOT the I approval receipt number.


Hi Anil, I have done h1b transfer from some company ,they Got RFE on APR 1st, they are giving replysammple needs to be done by may endif they are not given reply by that timewhat will happendwill it impact on my next h1b transfer? Your email will NOT be published.

EAD/AP (paper based) cover letter and checklist…

But meet some questions: Both I and my wife h4 got our visas stamped during last India trip and we happened to renew our passports during the same trip. They were kind enough to share their EAD filing experience.

Part3, date of intended departure adn expected length of trip. So I would prefer not to worry about it if they are not required. My wife is working on EAD. When submitting the EAD application, you need to submit copies of I and You covef do it yourself but if you are not comfortable then get an attorney.

The EAD application for H4 visa holders is pretty straight forward. Can somebody give me list of documents which are required mandatory.

h4 ead cover letter sample

Open Withdrawal Letter in new window. Please let me know what shall I do now as I read some where and they need front view as change of rule. I already filed AR form change of address. They are yet to respond to the RFE and are working on it.


USCIS Sample Application Withdrawal Letter – AM22 Tech

And is the date of your new EAD effective from the next day of your previous EAD expiry date or effective from the new approval date. Please include color DL in your applications for faster processing. Just wanted to be sure. Attach this form at top of the EAD application package.

EAD for H4 Filing Experience – Check List, Covering Letter, How to Guide

Is it necessary for the primary applicant to send the H1 document. Forums New posts Search forums. Will let you in once i get it She is clver H4 visa but she does not have her own H4 version of I In the latter case you may be loosing some period if you have ezd EAD in advance and has been approved well before current EAD expires.

Should I re-enter the A from here, or should I leave this blank, because I do not have a A for at this time.