DC MBA emphasizes a community of learners that bridge geographically dispersed faculty, students, staff, alumni, and business and policy partners. Students may complete these courses during or immediately following their Business Fundamentals and Advanced Business Fundamentals courses. As students move into sophomore year, the faculty at GWSB expect students to be ready for case study competitions, organizations, and lead activities. Loans Most student loans are based on either financial need or creditworthiness and are available only to US citizens and permanent residents. And GWSB was a great fit.

Students will choose up to 18 credits of elective courses from the following knowledge domains: Interested MBA students have the opportunity to pair with an alumni volunteer mentor with similar professional and personal interests. It’s free to sign up and for a limited period you can download our Complete Guide to Business School Applications. April 26 at 7: Bring your business cards and get ready to make professional connections! No one tries to be cutthroat, although some students are [definitely] more ambitious than others…[Ultimately,] people want the best for everyone. A pioneer in the digital media field with a background in communications, Anthony co-founded Social Driver with his husband, Thomas Sanchez, during his last semester at GWSB in

gwsb business plan competition

Analytical approaches useful in cases involving uncertainty, multiple objectives, and multiple stakeholders. May 2 at 8: It is a mobile app platform that utilizes competitoin algorithm technology to match women around the world with their perfect travel companions.

gwsb business plan competition

With the exception of the Crossroads Residency, all coursework is offered online. Just last year, 92 students received free gssb in partnership with the Businwss on International Education Exchange. What to read next: In the DC area this June? The GWSB has over 53, living alumni. The economics of supply and demand in product markets.


George Washington University is a private research university located in Washington, D. From attending a reunion and mentoring events to speaking in panels and during special events, the alumni regularly connect and collaborate to help GWSB evolve, expand, and progress. You Might Also Enjoy.

The school also offers several joint-degrees, certificates, and cross-discipline curricular coursework. Registering will create your profile and allow you to network with other members, you can set your display preferences once registered by going to ‘Edit Profile’ It’s free to sign up and for a limited period you can download our Complete Guide to Business School Applications. To that end, the NVC creates a means for established business people to cojpetition young entrepreneurs gain a foothold at the beginning of their careers.

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Alumni of the school are usually engaged in a panel session to give students insight into gswb current position and how they got to where they are today. Private loans may also be available. Structure, design, and operation of organizations as interrelated systems and integration of internal and external environments.

Get ahead with the leading independent business education publisher Register for free to gain full access to the latest schools and course news, and vital guidance on how to apply and succeed Register gasb. Visit with Professors and tour classrooms. One of the highlights of the GWSB: Perspectives, information, and skill development in advancing the value of integrity in business organizations.

I had a phase in my professional life where I busines be reluctant to share that my business partner was also my husband, because I was worried about the reaction I might get from someone on the other side of the table.


We both were doing individual freelance work and we decided to join forces and create a company together. The accounting major, who declined to be busuness, says he was told that travel was not an option for him because of his concentration.

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While all students are required to take a class titled the Age of Globalizationand every concentration also has at least one international field course that is intended to help provide a global perspective on the particular area, students can also opt to go on short or long-term study away programs.

Thanks so much in advanced! Students also come from a variety of industries including finance, education, consulting, government, international development, and non-profit management. Students also have the choice to earn dual degrees with unique concentrations. Career Trek, where students visit finance, consulting, and marketing firms in the city.

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Staff at the F. Alumni had the opportunity to advise Professor Neirotti on how best to prepare students for a career in the sports industry and how to attract students looking for continuing education in sports. To explore without is to explore within. Currently matching women to travel globally, explore locally, and meet in between. The transformation of organizations in the digital economy.