With a heart of service, we can activate dormant connections and regenerate the field. But what I do know is that to the question of “How much are you worth? I didn’t know that when someone asks, “What do you do? The more we learned from nature, and built a kind of inner resilience to external circumstances, the more we fell into our natural state — which was to be loving. On one such day, he walks into a nice restaurant and does his usual drill. They are just nature’s gifts — take it or leave it. Subscribe to DailyGood We’ve sent daily emails for over 16 years, without any ads.

In his jail cell, his motion was restricted. On the surface, this disruptive technology also invites us to be a trailblazer into the unknown. As I passed him, I was no longer thinking fight or flight. To the question of what is your ten year plan, it’s okay to say I don’t know. At our first White House meeting, we did an introductory circle around the question — What gives you hope? More than a decade ago, he walked away from a lucrative career in high-tech, to explore the connection between inner change and external impact.

Quiet Spirituality 5, reads More When I started ServiceSpaceour first project was to build websites for nonprofits at no charge. When Inpun Threw Coffee on my Face.

Paths Are Made By Walking

It is obvious that every act creates a relationship. In my early twenties, I let go of my need to grow my bank balance, and I let in a capacity to grow my heart.


As I initially practiced the art of surrender, I felt like I was letting go. With an effortless bow, you let go that which is leaving, and let in all that arrives. And just in that moment, with fear running through my veins, I had this surprisingly magnanimous thought: All of them were in tears. My dear trailblazers, go become a pencil in the hands of the universe. How can you give? And graduatiob the first time in 30 years, mental health disabilities such as ADHD outrank physical ones among American children.

Paths Are Made By Walking, by Nipun Mehta

Our relationships, reinforced by our small acts of service, will naturally do this. For graduagion, every time he walked into a fancy restaurant, he told the waiter to find a couple that is most madly in love. The Importance of Quiet Time Jul Results that are always aligned on the side of virtue.

Graruation, innovations like AI may augment our labor, and even our creative activity, but no robot will ever be responsible for the resurgence of virtue. About Us DailyGood is a portal that shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on spfech “good” we can find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness.

What do exponential loveexponential forgiveness, and exponential kindness look like? It was a time when it was easy to believe that Greed was Good. From cobalt in our bodies to the blood in our veins to oxygen in our every breath, how can we ever pay back our debts of gratitude?

Below is the recently released video followed by the transcript that went viral online. Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace. Our intention was to cultivate renunciation. Now I know commencement speakers are typically supposed to inspire you to make a splash in the world, be somebodydo something big and important. The only catch was that we were all going to be blindfolded.


As I went to sleep with a wall separating me from my wife, I had this beautiful, unbidden vision of a couple climbing to the top of a mountain from two different sides. We ended up walking kilometers over three months.

#MakeVirtueViral: A Graduation Speech for Uncertain Times

On your walk, today and always, I wish you the eyes to see the anthills and the heart to feed them with joy. Gy you are no longer preoccupied with asking for more and more stuff; then you just take what is given and give what is taken. Charles Howard for inviting me to share a few reflections on this joyous occasion.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

How generous is that? We just have to dance. We simply need to unlearn greed. Now, usually, commencement addresses are meant to affirm that you have the grit to conquer the world.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

It was a beautiful act, but if you were to ask my aunt, it’s most powerful effect wasn’t on her or her daughter.