Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Dareen, Kusuma Halim Software defined radio-based transceiver system on low power multi-processor system-on-chip for internet of things. Kiat, Wei Pau Wireless controlled robot with hand for dangerous task. Narayanan, Suresh Knowledge, attitude and practice on occupational safety and health among medical laboratory personnel in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh – Impact of intervention. The Case in Malaysia. Ng, Jian Qin A hybrid optimization method in solving nurse duty roster problem. Mok, Siew Ying Ultra slow oscillations in cortical cultures.

Low, Boon Wee Comparison on various concurrency platform with IO bound problem concurrent database insertion on multi-core machine. Ching, Loo Pei and Low, Wan Chee The impacts of work-life balance and self-efficacy on job satisfaction among fast food industry workers in Ipoh, Perak. Balu, Ramoo Brain drain phenomenon in Malaysia: Quota sampling method was being applied in this study by controlling three variables consisted with genders, racial and religious groups. Evidence from Malaysia market. This list was generated on Wed May 22

Mok, Siew Ying Ultra slow oscillations in cortical cultures.

Final Year Project – Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

The format for citing sources in the Project Report shall follow the latest Harvard Referencing Style. Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Hakim Leadership style in project managers: A panel data analysis with GMM approach.

Ng, Hock Li Inventory control management system for wholesale business. Siah, Bing Yi Oscillator thwsis in time domain. Hence, from the Islamic point of views, a homosexual is unforgivable for the act of same sex orientation and should be punish.


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Motivators, Hurdles And Recommendations. Seow, Harrison Wenbing Online furniture shopping using augmented reality. Lee, Khye Tze The effect of corporate social responsibility on business performance. This is based on the fact that religious texts such as Bible and Al-Quran constitute the primary, though not exclusive, basis for the censure of homosexuality Yip, Tan, Seng Kiat Intelligent budget planner. Lim, Boon Yong Colour image magnification.

From the Thwsis of Global and Domestic Factors. Lee, Sock Im Site-directed mutagenesis of superfolder green fluorescent protein. Please provide theais info as required in the summary form. A predictor of social conservatism and prejudicial attitudes toward homosexuals. Even now there are still numerous people who think that homosexuality is a kind of psychopathology.

Final Year Project

Capitata and Capsicum Thhesis Annuum L. Research suggested that majority of the students For example, nowadays women can work as a police or office executive as men did.

Malaysians shall not scared stigmatize, disrespect, intolerance thesiis felt disgust toward homosexual people just because their sexual orientation preference is different than the heterosexual which is consider as the acceptable sexual orientation in Malaysia. Leong, Pei Lee A study on the implication of independent directors in Malaysia. Yap, Eng Li Business cards management system. Soh, Lin Chai Fjp coverage style of global warming and level of public acknowledgement of the issue: Neo, Teng Yi Investigation on free energy magnet motor.


Puan, Arthur Chok Ho Exception fypp for 5-stage pipeline micro-architecture. Chow, Wen Chai Secure login authentication system. Hence, with different approaches of attribution for homosexuality will affect whether nowadays people can really tolerate and respect gays and lesbians as a part of our society or not.

A Case Study in Selangor, Malaysia. Lim, Shian Hoi Synthesis, characterisation and cytotoxic activities of 1, 3, 6, 8 — tetraoxygenated xanthone derivatives. Lee, Yit Fung Snake-like robot mechanical part.

fyp thesis utar

Chua, Kah Keong Development and analysis of spatial domain and transform domain watermarking technique. Tay, Chin Inn Removal of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solution using guava leaf powder. This is clearly shown in a study conducted by Hekma as cited in Yip,in the Netherlands, imam Khalil El Moumni declared on national television that thess was a disease, a sin, and a threat to social fabric, sending far-reaching ripples throughout Dutch society.

fyp thesis utar