Figure 39 b depicts such characteristics of the discrete spectrum. In Section B, mathematical expressions of triangular waveform are derived, as they are critical to the MATLAB simulation design to be discussed in the succeeding chapter. In short, in the world of EW, there is no perfect jamming technique that can work in every scenario. Remember me on this computer. During that period radars were extensively used for air defence pur- poses such as long-range air surveillance and short-range detection of low altitude targets.

With sufficient PRF, the energy impulse provided by pulse jamming signal can significantly increase the JSR, given that the jamming bandwidth covers the radar passband. Thus, we need to transpose the memory again make it suitable for the third FFT processing. However, when an LPI transmission is intercepted, the radar parameter is interpreted and cross-referenced visually by ELINT operators among different algorithms. F 15 MHz Effective modulation bandwidth! Given the radar passband, pulse jamming can also be effective if sufficient pulse repetition frequency PRF is available. The authors also suggest that velocity-gate pull-off VGPO can affect the signal processing in the radar.

FMCW Signals for Radar Imaging and Channel Sounding

Each trans- mitting antenna in the array independently radiates a waveform signal which is different than the signals radiated from the other antennas. Consequently, we can find the maximum range that the radar can detect which will be equal to More detailed coverage of this topic will be presented in Chapter 2.

According to the Matlab model provided, the following values are used for the parameters: The fact that the 5W jamming signal is able to overwhelm a 10W radar makes it very efficient. According to the calculations, if we consider having enough time after the first radar scan- ning and use 16 bit fixed-point arithmetic, the memory inside the Virtex-6 might be sufficient to store the intermediate data of the first FFT process- ing.


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The correlating process multiplies both signals in the time hpd and results in a third signal that represents the degree of similarity, or coherency, between the two signals [10]. Therefore, we will consider the performance of the implementation to be real- time if it provides enough computational power to process the consecutive radar scannings without any delays.

fmcw radar phd thesis

Range-Doppler Spectrum Figure 3. By Anjana C and Gandhiraj Rajendran. This technique employs a multiple-bit ADC to reduce the required memory speed. However, when the radar operation frequency band is unknown, a broad-band random noise waveform may be fmfw only option. This section discusses the architecture that can be used to achieve the real-time performance in the Virtex-6 FPGA.

fmcw radar phd thesis

It will require to use a AXI DMA core to transfer a single data sample which is not very efficient in terms of bandwidth since it does not take advantage of the thwsis transfer. Another architecture for the radar signal processing is described in [17]. Testing with high jamming power may provide more constructive results, but the potential for damaging the LVRTS circuit always exists.

David Garren Second Reader: Hence, the processing time for this FFT should be less than or equal to 0. Look-through affects jamming efficiency since it reduces the jamming signal dwell time and gives the radar an opportunity to acquire the target during look-through. LVRTS jamming test result.

Taking into account the algorithm and the real-time pud of the application, the processing capability of the Starburst MPSoC, 32 core real-time multiprocessor system developed at the University of Twente, has been evaluated as a base-band processor for the signal processing. The MATLAB simulation of this project tests selective jamming techniques of both deception and noise jamming approaches. It can be concluded that the result is 54 times larger than the provided chirp time which is Home Research Durham e-Theses.


Furthermore, the FFT IP core supports single-precision floating-point processing as well which makes it easier to implement in the architecture.

Consequently, we should add another 32 point FFT hardware block in order to meet the requirements with the current implementation conditions. In addition, the algorithm had to meet certain constraints to provide the real-time performance.

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Note that in this chapter the focus is on how radar DSP will respond to the selected jamming signals. Network-Centric Electronic Warfare Requirement This system is used to carry out research on real-time design and analysis. The left side of the Equation 2. Click here to sign up. This chapter explains the principle architecture and signal-processing algorithm of a homodyne FMCW radar to provide a general understanding of FMCW signal processing.

For example, by adding radar scan pattern and Markov Chain functions, a three-dimensional radar model can be constructed. The development of EA and EP is the history of a tug-of-war. Currently, FMCW radar is the most common radar ohd used for this purpose [5].