Change of Graduate Supervisor s Form. All the ualberta of the thesis must ualberta in the table of contents in the same order as in the body of the thesis. Request for Transcripts other than University of Regina. Fgsr ualberta thesis submission. The University of Alberta Libraries will also catalogue your thesis in its collection. It is also appropriate to recognize the assistance provided by the supervisor and members of the supervisory committee. Line Spacing Line spacing must be at least one-and-a-half spaces, except for the thesis abstract, which must be double-spaced.

Application to Graduate Co-operative Education. Table of Contents A detailed table of contents is a required component of a thesis. In instances that an oversize graph or other illustration must be used, it is to be folded to the size of the standard sheet. Registration Form – Instructions. U of R Home. When fgsr because a thesis contains fgsr articles, the preface serves as a place fgsr the submission to include a statement indicating his or her contribution to the journal articles, such as the identification ualberta design of the research program, the submission of the various parts of the research including the collection of data, construction of any necessary apparatus, and the thesis this web page experimentsand the analysis of the research data.

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To avoid unnecessary errors you are advised to use the spell-check More information. Faculty Financial Assistance for New Students. Preparation of the Thesis 1.

Fgsr ualberta thesis submission

Arabic numerals are used for the body of rhesis thesis, starting with the introductory chapter and up to and including appendices if any. It states the problem that was researched, the methods of investigation, and the general conclusions.


fgsr thesis formatting

Colour can be used. The components of the thesis must appear in the table of contents in the same order as in the body of the thesis. American or British English usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these.

In all theses, regardless of format, the body or chapters of the thesis thesiis methodology, research results, and scholarly discussion in accordance with the norms of the academic discipline.

Please review the various deadlines below for more details. For any thesis that is permitted to be written in a language other than English, two abstracts must be included; the first in English and the second in the language of the thesis. Fgsr ualberta thesis submission.

Page numbers must be strictly sequential, e. Typing All text including the abstract must be double spaced on one. Unless otherwise indicated in the text or references, or. Tbesis an introduction to this new process, the following thesjs will be available for online request through UR Self-Service: Table of Contents A detailed table of contents is a required submission of a thesis.

FGSR does not impose rules on matters of style, but consistency is required.

Add to collection s Add to saved. Guidance on the use of the RefWorks citation management program can be obtained from the University of Alberta Libraries. Enter the year the thesis was submitted. Accessing this information on a thesis basis is the responsibility of the student.

Acknowledgments optional, but advisable Dedications, quotations, poems etc are optional. Add this document to saved.


Fgsr ualberta thesis submission

It is for the department or Faculty if non-departmentalized to provide guidance as to which formats are permitted and to set out the additional requirements for that format. A title page must indicate the following: Your supervisor must review and verify the preface before it becomes part of the final version of the thesis.

fgsr thesis formatting

The deadlines for scheduling the final oral examination, payment of fees and submission. Tables, figures and illustrations must be presented in a size and format that can be read. Your supervisor can give you guidance on selecting a title. Preparation General More information. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of and then the name of the degree is spelled out in full, thesia abbreviated e.

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FGSR will no longer accept hard copy paper submissions of theses. In the future, also look for department news on the web site:. Each and every page of a thesis with the exception of the title page must have a page number visible on the page and visible when the thesis is converted to a PDF format.

Preface If you need assistance on writing the preface, ask your supervisor.