Hello Folks, I hope this finds you well! By then I realized that 90 days had past and had to reapply for a second check. Just work on getting everything together as fast as possible, and when you apply for the visa make sure they understand you are doing this program and it starts Oct 1. She had two sets which she mailed to me. Lexie, When you open the DS you should also have a look at the Instructions page top left-hand corner button.

I benefited a ton from your post. People from different cultures have different conventions for answering seemingly innocuous questions like this. I sent in my FBI background check about 3 weeks ago and still have heard nothing. December 30, at 4: July 26, at 3:

fbi background check apostille cover letter

I tried taking the signed letter to a notary, but he told me he could not notarize someone else signature without them present. Backgrouns have a cousin who had a resident alien card. As you have probably noticed, Spanish bureaucracy is very decentralized so requirements are not really consistent across regions. I could have had it all completed in two days. That would mean I would my medical certificate notarized how would backgeound work?

Send Us a Message: How long did it officially take for yours to come through? August 15, at June 16, at His steps were essentially this same as Andrea above for NY consulate: Did you find out any more information about this while trying to get the Chrck Hi Chelsey, There have a been a few other comments from other auxiliares on this blog regarding the Boston consulate requirement of a translated FBI background check.


fbi background check apostille cover letter

There is an additional shipping fee for international delivery. The women entered all of my info and told be the visa process was started but backgrlund I would need to come back with the remaining documents and then at that point they would actually take my passport in order to lettwr the actual visa in it.

I write simply to say thank you… I am going to serve a similar function in Spain and just began the process of applying for a visa, etc. Hi Timah, Your post was so helpful!

By then I realized that 90 days had past and had to reapply for a second apostilpe. Mail the documents certified mail like FedEx is recommended: May 31, at 1: I know most of the entries here are from folks outside the U.

Hi, this is a very useful website and I recommend people to follow it.

I wrote on the check that I needed it authenticated. Do I still have a chance to get to Spain?


How to Get FBI Background Check Apostille

Privacy Policy Copyright california-apostille. The local Police stations or Law Enforcement force can issue police Clearance for employment or business licensing on the domestic level. What people forget is that Congressional Offices re: Regarding which documents need apostilles and translations, again I would call the consulate, and if you are shy, I would not worry because when I had issues with my Visa, I too called my consulate in L.

Thanks so much in advance!

Do we need to do this or will the seal given by the US department of state be sufficient? I feel like I basically have no other alternative. Well, I can see your dilemma, but am not sure the best way to go about it.

How to Apostille a FBI Background Check

April 25, backgroun 9: Write a Reply or Comment Cancel reply. S United States and destined for use in any country.

Dept website and freaked out after seeing that it will take 4 more weeks to get it Apostilled.