June 4, Minutes: Determine that 11E has a selective advantage in an immune response against 11A in vivo and whether 11E infection emerges from initial infection with 11A. The attachments are included below. Describe the relevance of this research to public health. You can also search by name when you know who you are always citing in your literature review, and see what they are current funded research is about.

If applicable, include information on preliminary studies for new applications. Having interacted with many professors who have found a balance between clinical and laboratory work, I, too, desire to be able to have significant interaction with patients and tailoring personal interventions against particular diseases. This proposed research will study the effects of O-acetylating modification of S. If no 11E isolates are detected, we can interpret that 11E is either a rare serotype or it only emerges following infection of sterile sites i. You can look for a potential co-sponsor by searching on keywords that pertain to your research topic, and broaden the search to your state or region.

Overall environment is excellent.

We have previously shown the validity of using monoclonal antibodies mAb to serotype clinical isolates 8. Once you have a dissertation Dlssertation, that person becomes the logical person to ask to be your sponsor.

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Keep in mind that your application is critiqued by reviewers who consider not just your research plan, but your training plan, your future potential as a nurse scientist, and the match with your sponsor. Among the topics discussed are: These assays will also provide preliminary information on the use of 11E as a potential vaccine against both serotypes.

I decided to attend the University of Alabama Birmingham UAB because it is among the largest biomedical centers in the United States of America and is among the top ranked hospital systems in the country.


The reason that some of the mice will be studied until they become moribund is that this is the most sensitive measure of protection against sepsis. After incubation, surviving bacteria will be spotted on ddissertation containing antibiotic selective media, so that surviving 11Astr CFU will be enumerated on streptomycin plates, and 11Ekan CFU on kanamycin plates Fig 3.

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Pediatr Infect Dis J. Streptococcus pneumoniae, also known as the pneumococcus, is a commensal gram-positive diplococcus that ubiquitously colonizes the human nasopharyngeal NP tract.

After incubation, surviving bacteria will be spotted on plates containing antibiotic selective media, so that surviving 11Astr CFU will be enumerated on streptomycin plates, and 11Ekan CFU on kanamycin plates. Describe the overall strategy, methodology and analyses to be used to accomplish the specific aims of the project. I visualize my career developing collaborations with funding agencies, academic peers and students.

Value of the flow cytometric assay Aim 1 is the potentially grxnt sensitivity to detect the presence of an 11E subpopulation in 11A NP isolates. Because this particular topic, i.

f31 dissertation grant

A week after grwnt immunization, mice will be co-infected NP or IV with both 11Astr and 11Ekan according to optimal protocols determined in aim 3a. I also rotated and eventually joined the laboratory of Dr.

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However, pediatric carriage rates have not declined, and there is growing concern that non- PCV-7 serotypes are filling the void left by widespread vaccination Murine models of pneumococcal infection have been well established 28, I have developed an interest in Dissertatioh of bacterial surface structures and the effect of this modification on host interactions.


The laboratory is also the Diszertation Reference Laboratory for respiratory bacterial pathogens and the ongoing collaborations with both basic science and clinician researchers provides opportunities for the applicant to participate in collaborative clinical and infectious disease research relevant to public health. The current proposal is a continuation of this study.

f31 dissertation grant

We are currently collaborating with Dr. Our study is designed to confirm whether 11E strains have a competitive advantage over 11A strains against opsonization by sera of humans vaccinated against 11A, and whether this response is PS specific. Scholastic Performance [Redacted from this sample.

NIH NRSA F31 Cheatsheet

A rapid pneumococcal serotyping system based on monoclonal antibodies and PCR. No pain relieving agents can be used to eliminate this discomfort without interfering with the validity of the study. Juan is a co-author in one more paper. Previously serotype as 11A, the true epidemiological nature of 11E is unclear. Serum from blood samples will be analyzed for pneumococcal antibody levels determined by ELISA and capacity to opsonize pneumococci determined by opsonophagocytic killing assay.

Due to technical limitation of our methods, I was unable to determine the structure before resuming medical school classes. Introduction We are truly indebted to the grantee who allowed us to post this outstanding F31 sample application to help the next generation of investigators write applications.

Weaknesses P rotections for Human Subjects: Most of these mice will exhibit no life-threatening infections.