A loosely strung story of his travels through America in the 60s. Stories, Essays, Sketches The critical scene which drives the plot ahead: An American Journey You are commenting using your Google account. He also realizes that Nayak had given him less money than he had promised.

He talks about safe topics like marriage, money, and relationships and takes to speak only after the client has revealed enough about himself. The entire section is words. The man transacts his business purely on his wits and the ignorance of his clients. Narayan – a Tribute ] “I’d be quite happy if no more is claimed from me than being just a story-teller. I want a free account. Story from the Collection: The entire country went down under the fire and sword of the invader, and was washed clean when Sarayu [the local river] overflowed its bounds.

Narayan on Graham Greene’s suggestion. That was where he began; that was where he was fifty years later. But it always had its rebirth and growth.

Malgudi, a small South Indian town provides the setting for almost all of Narayan’s novels and short stories.

The astrologer had committed a folly by getting into a quarrel when he was a drunk youngster, the result of which changed his entire path of life. It grows and develops and expands and changes, and is full of humanity, drawing its sustenance from the human drama that is enacted in it. Nice 1 1 1 Reply. I want a free account. Indian Writing in English.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The boughs of the spreading tamarind tree, the surging crowd moving up and down the narrow road morning till night, the variety of traders- medicine sellers, sellers of stolen hardware and junk, magicians, auctioneers expowitory cheap cloth, and vendors of fried groundnut- vociferously vying with each other to attract the crowd created a remarkable work place for the astrologer.

A character in that same mystical novel is granted a simple vision of that Indian past, and it comes in simple tableaux.

expository essay on an astrologers day

So this creates curiosity in adtrologers minds of the reader as to what had happened in his past that had broken this ancestral cycle and forced him to leave all of a sudden? The maharajah was of an illustrious family; his ancestors had been satraps of the last great Hindu kingdom of the south.

summary of ” An Astrologers Day ” by R.K. Narayan –

The story was adapted into a Kannada movie Gara. Therefore he was restless, furious and was searching for his assailant to take revenge. A sense of suspense is created about the personal life or past history of the astrologer.

Offsite Links Paul Brians’ study guide for R. Narayan, The Early Years: I personally liked the way the groundnut seller uses catchy phrases to transact business:. Fallon and et al. The client is essaj to be told about his previous history by the astrologer, and meekly agrees to give up his search for his enemy declared to have been crushed under a lorry months ago.


An Astrologer’s Day

October 13, at 2: He truly possessed his world. You are commenting using your Facebook account. His attitude towards them is always expository in the sense that he explains and exhibits them to an outside world. This expositry is great… Reply.

expository essay on an astrologers day

Iwhole heartedly thank u. The above anecdote must have occurred around September It frees Narayan to his humanistic enterprise.

His autobiography, written when he was 67 years old, after he had won most of his awards and accolades. He ecpository realizes that Nayak had given him less money than he had promised.

There is no true suffering, and rebirth is almost magical.

expository essay on an astrologers day

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