Admissions Office Information Address: When you have the final score that you’re happy with, you can then send only that score to all your schools. You could take 10 tests, and only send your highest one. You don’t need to worry too much about Writing for this school, but other schools you’re applying to may require it. It’s OK to be a B-average student, with some A’s mixed in. Many schools specify a minimum GPA requirement, but this is often just the bare minimum to submit an application without immediately getting rejected. California State University East Bay.

See how much your chances improve? University of Missouri – Kansas City. Admissions Office Information Address: EWU will determine how your classes transfer and what classes you can take next. We know what kinds of students colleges want to admit. Enter the username and password you created. You’ll be studying using the strategies that actually worked for them.

Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4. We weren’t able to find the school’s exact ACT policy, which most likely means that it does not Superscore.

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Typically, selective schools tend to require them, while most schools in the country do not. Here’s a summary of why we’re so much more effective than other prep programs: To be admissible, students must have at least a 2.


For this, we look at the school’s average GPA for its current students. Studying for the ACT instead? You’ll definitely find something useful here.

ewu essay prompt

How to Apply for Admission as a Freshman This information is for high school students, homeschool students and students completing their GED. Here’s the breakdown of new SAT scores by section: More importantly, you need to do well to have a strong application. Click to learn more about our programor sign up for our 5-day free trial to check out PrepScholar for yourself: Focus all your time learning, not worrying about what to learn.

California State University Ezsay Hills. If you improve your SAT score, you’ll be competitive for these schools.

This means the school is a nearly open admissions school. prommpt

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Equally Hard to Get Into If you’re competitive for Eastern Washington University, these schools will offer you a similar chance of admission. Read about euw score results and reviews from our happy customers. This information is for high school students, homeschool students and students completing their GED.

Enter the username and password you created. If you’re currently competitive for Eastern Washington University, you should have no problem getting into these schools.

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See how much your chances improve? University of Texas at El Paso.


This is based on the school’s average score. We use these scores in the scholarship selection process and as a placement tool for English courses.

In other words, a on the New SAT places you below average, while a will move you up to above average. We’ve overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schoolsfrom state colleges to the Ivy League.

California State University Long Beach.

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With a GPA of 3. They accept nearly all students, so for the most part, you just need to submit an application to get in. Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. What are your chances of admission at Eastern Washington University? If you apply the strategies in this guide, you’ll study smarter and make huge score improvements.

PrepScholar Admissions is the world’s best admissions consulting service. If you’re interested in Eastern Washington University, you’ll probably be interested in these schools as well.