Job Title – Richard Graham. A personal chef could become certified after meeting educational and workexperience guidelines. Types of catering establishments. Writing a Summary of Key Issue 2, pp. She needed improvement in knife technique, costcutting, and efficiency.

Read Article – The Secret Pilates. Case Description – Fisher College of Business. Make copies of the Case Study Handout pages 4 — 12 for every student. The key learning should be that this research helped Eva make the most informed decision. Add this document to collection s.

Before students have to do their own research, this case study allows students to walk through the market research process, learn how to identify the different types of data needed, and begin to locate resources that can help them do their own research.

What type of training and certification does I need? Job Title – Richard Graham. Like to exercise and stay active and eat healthy. She worked for the Director of the Campus Dining Services. Eva used the data she collected to do a Market Analysis seen below.

evas edibles business plan

Primary Local chefs from schools or restaurants, call people on the phone 5. Nobody wants to know fvas business. For complaints, use another form.

Business Plan Edibles The Bite From Venice Cookie Co Reviews Template

Columbus, OH area in customer homes Website, referral listings, in-store ,and local event sampling Product: She needed improvement in knife technique, costcutting, and efficiency.


Busy people who value free time and good, home -cooked food Price: Primary Stand outside work places or malls to survey potential customers and observe patterns By completing this chart, Eva knew how ediblds the get the answers she needed.

Have groups share their answers with the class when finished. Eva also figured that people be reluctant to hire a personal plaj who had no formal culinary training. Chef Anthony Wilkins Years in a Kitchen.

What types of primary and secondary research could be done to test it in the marketplace? How big is her market?

evas edibles business plan

Based on your favorite task from school or work in the previous section, is there a way you could use that passion to create a business idea? People who work all day might appreciate having someone prepare their meals.

In this handout, it appears as a stand-alone story for teachers ecas want to investigate the Market Research process in more detail.

This particular case study in its original form can be found at the end of Unit 3 pagesas one of eight interrelated studies about a fictional young entrepreneur. Would you have made that same choice?

Entrepreneurial Case Study: Eva’s Edibles (Market Research

edihles When she was satisfied with it, she did something everyone had advised her not to do: Secondary data may be relatively cheap and easy to obtain.


She decided to do some market research to help her decide if her idea was a viable business opportunity. So it’s pivotal to have a plan and be committed to preparing that document. The following terms from this case study can be found in the Entrepreneurship 11 th Edition textbook. A mobile phone today is slightly bigger than your thumb. A low financial investment is needed to start a personal chef business. Examples of websites are listed in the appendix, and the activity only asks students to say the type of resource she would pllan.

There are two basic types of market research methods, depending on the type of data is needed: Eva would have to purchase her own set of professional knives, and possibly some cooking utensils. It is obtained directly from potential customers. What are her potential evaa looking for?

evas edibles business plan

Cell Phone Business Plan Pdf. Educated consumers that do research on any large purchases.