Thanks are also due to David Edwards for his input and for assistance in compiling and analysing timber harvesting data from Yayasan Sabah. On the other hand, and unlike in many of its South East Asian neighbours, the overall extent of forest cover in Sabah, particularly that included in the Permanent Forest Reserve, has been largely maintained even increased slightly and the rate of deforestation over the past 20 years has slowed markedly compared with preceding decades. In addition to the formally protected forests of the YSFMA, extensive areas have de facto protection from further logging, at least for the foreseeable future. Centuries of colonial rule, commercial logging, corruption and misguided government policies brought our forests to the brink of total destruction. B , —

Worse, we will continue to lose our forests. At over 10 km 2 ca 1 million ha , the YSFMA figure 3 accounts for nearly a third of total forest cover in Sabah and a similar proportion of the commercially licensed Class II forest reserve. Through the s, s and well into the s, the major agent of degradation of the lowland forests of Sabah, as in much of the South East Asian tropics, was selective logging [ 1 ]—and it was this form of disturbance, and the recovery of forests from it that has provided the focus for much of the research done as part of the Danum Valley Research and Training Programme and the Royal Society South East Asia Rainforest Research Programme SEARRP. Pinoy Students Corner Matagal na pong problema ang illegal logging. Following the abandonment of the pulp mill project, the plans for a large-scale conversion to Acacia plantations within the YSFMA were substantially scaled back. Estimates using available data, however, show that until now, commercial logging is still the leading cause of deforestation compared with illegal logging, kaingin and diseases. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Madami ang masamang epekto nito kaysa sa mabuting epekto ng Illegal logging. According to Kyla Roxas, illegal logging is cutting trees without the permission of government.

essay tungkol sa illegal logging

Pinoy Students Corner Matagal na pong problema ang illegal logging. Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of the Sabah Forestry Department particularly its Director, Datuk Sam Mannan and Yayasan Sabah in the preparation of this manuscript and for permission to use internal documents illega statistics.


There is a dearth of accessible data on the state of our forests. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The YSFMA also includes significant, and rapidly expanding, plantation interests and a number of large-scale forest restoration projects.

Illegal logging essay tagalog.

InSabah Softwoods’ Acacia plantations were certified to FSC standards—and at the time of writing, its oil palm plantations were being assessed for certification against the Round Table on Sustainable Oil Palm principles and criteria. This is one of the reasons why our natures are ruined.

Since that assessment, during the period —, the forests of Sabah and particularly those of the ca 10 km 2 concession managed on behalf of the State by Yayasan Sabah the Sabah Foundation have been subject to continual, industrial harvesting, including the premature re-logging of extensive tracts of previously only once-logged forest and large-scale conversion of natural forests to agricultural plantations.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. At least 80 per cent of land area directly replaced natural forest authors’ estimates and S. Over recent years, the Royal Society SEARRP has evolved to meet the pervasive threats and challenges facing the South East Asian rainforests over the coming decades, namely i forest fragmentation by agricultural development, ii the impacts of a changing climate on forests and logbing biodiversity and ecosystem services they support, and iii the restoration of forests degraded by logging.

With the industrialization of the logging industry in the decade following the Second World War, timber production from the forests of Sabah za 2 increased from approximately m 3 per annum in the late s and early s to a peak of over 13 million m 3 in Bythe area nominally allocated for illwgal plantations had roughly doubled to km 2 wssay, of which ca km 2 had been planted Sabah Forestry Departmentunpublished data.

By South East Asian standards, however, population density remains low at slightly more than 40 persons per square kilometre.

Important new conservation and forest restoration and rehabilitation initiatives within its borders are given particular emphasis.

Illegal logging essay tagalog

The average deforestation rate of 0. Over recent illeval, there has been only minimal illegal encroachment of the Permanent Forest Estate. Substantial areas of Malua were logged using a cable yarding system using modified tracked excavators with a winch mounted on the hydraulic arm designed to reduce damage to soils and residual vegetation—with helicopters used on the steepest slopes.


Abaca is a very lgoging fiber and you can see it only in the Philippines.

Illegal logging essay

The INFAPRO is ostensibly a carbon-offsetting project that aims, by a combination of enrichment planting of dipterocarps by line planting and release cutting, to improve the capacity of degraded forest to sequester CO 2. The Sabah Biodiversity Experiment: The Philippines has 6, endemic plant species and endemic animal species.

Through these strategic research initiatives and the illdgal scientific programmes at well-founded field stations such as those at Danum Valley and Maliau Basin, and underpinned by a progressive approach to forest conservation, sustainable management and restoration, Sabah is well placed to cement and indeed extend its position as a South East Asian hub for world-class rainforest science. The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of the Sabah Forestry Department particularly its Director, Datuk Sam Mannan xa Yayasan Sabah in the preparation loggkng this manuscript and for permission to use internal documents and statistics.

essay tungkol sa illegal logging

Ancestral lands are included for reforestation under EO Answer quality is ensured by our experts. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Initially, these areas were planted with a range of fast-growing, mostly exotic timber species. Free help with homework Free help with homework. Thanks are also due to David Edwards for his input and for assistance in compiling and analysing timber harvesting data from Yayasan Sabah.

essay tungkol sa illegal logging

Yayasan Sabah, also within the Ulu Segama Forest Reserve and in collaboration with the Sabah Forestry Loggging, has initiated and funded a major programme of release cutting, to proceed at an annual rate of ca tunkol until all the more degraded parts of the reserve have been treated, with the aim of maximizing the survival and growth of naturally regenerating dipterocarp and other tree seedlings.

Previous administrations had been weak in compelling timber license holders to fulfill their obligation of reforesting concession areas. This could encourage planting biofuels instead of doing serious reforestation projects.