It was 1 right in the time when Queen Victoria reigned in Great Britain. This self-righteousness lets her become judgemental and intolerant towards other people who do not apply the same rules to their lifes as she does. His intention was to indulge his audience and to mock it at the same time. I Introduction The purpose of this course work was to deal independently with a topic by gathering information about it from various sources and exposing them in a formal essay. In the play Lord and Lady Windermere are the only two characters who are seriously concerned about morals and virtues.

Immediately Mrs Erlynne decides to save her daughter ignoring the fact that this means for her to throw away her new gained chance of returning into society. He had to mind carefully how to addressed this audience when he wanted to meet their taste with his plays. He claims to love her but in fact the only thing he loves about her is that he cannot have her. Lady Windermere fascinates him with her stern nature of an uncompromising moralist. She says about herself:

Lord Winderemere is cheating on his wife.

But Mrs Erlynne can convince her daughter to return back home and the play ends in supposedly harmony: Still she is unable to relativise her own moral standards. But then in the progression of the play she is being tested on her goodness. Right at the beginning of the play the audience is confronted with Lady Windermere and everything one gets to know about her is highly positve: He is the embodiment of a Dandy: Into your world evil has never entered.

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She is not as confident about herself as before and now see the necessity of compromises in life. Lord Windermere clearly believes that he is fulfilling the role of the protective male and all-knowing guardian to his wife and in this presumption ironically emphasizes his own lack of understanding in the end of the play when ladg requires the protection of the two women to keep the stainless picture of his wife.


Stuttgart,I. I thought this necessary to enable the reader to get a conception of the setting in which the play takes place.

She wants to get back into society, and she wants you to help her. At the beginning a concise compendium on the Victiorian society in which Wilde lived is given.

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Unconsciously she begins to free herself from the nonage that determines her life eesay to the point when Mrs Erlynne enters it. Throughout the play one gets the impression that Lord Windermere regresses in his moral understanding while his wife further developes hers:. You have neither the wit nor the courage. The two women are trapped.

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Is her reaction not understandable with regard to questons situation? Suddenly and for the very first time in her life she has motherly feelings and is determined to save her child from making the same mistake she made twenty years ago.

In the centre of the play stands the question of what is essah and what is bad. Shall she get credit for her return back home? Lord Windermere would not be able to fully forgive his wife.

Analysis of how Lady Windermere fails to meet her own moral standards- or does she?

At least we all should have. On the one hand she is being introduced as a character that at first glance seems to be very serious and stands up for her own beliefs -like when she rebukes Lord Darlington in Act One about his vicious lifestyle.


She was well born she had position —she lost everthing- threw it away if you like. Lord Darlington who offers her his friendship is simply used as the only way out she sees at that moment.

The main part of this work concentrates on Lady Windermere herself.

Lady Windermere’s Fan Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Who was the audience it was written for? The relationship of the two women is very peculiar. Therefore she always acts in the conviction to be right.

The truth about the doubtful night would have a disenchanting effect on him.

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Lady Windermere as a young idealistic bride though believes in an equal law of fidelity for both husband and wife. Lady Windermere thinks herself save in the role of a righeous wife, but in the progression of the play her education in moral feeling begins and she has to learn that life is not as easy as she always thought is to be. In this scene it becomes most evident how selfish and self-righteous Lady Windermere really is.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

She learns to question her judgement.