Essay is written analytically, the failure percentage points out those students are unable to think critically. FPSC is playing with the future of hardworking and deserving candidates. Originally Posted by aneelbachwani. I myself am a victim of the recent examination where the examiner failed me from just 1 mark in a subject whereas my overall score was quite good. Thank you for the article. The place of Urdu in Pakistan and supreme court’s ruling on making Urdu the official language of the country. May every one know about loyality and reality.

Memory and writing speed! I think it was a bit technical paper though i haven’t read this subject but after scrutinized the question paper i made my point of view I just praise him for such a deep and true vision of CSS. First, all those who passed the most recent written examination should be administered a standard international test, ideally at the GRE level since the applicants have completed their undergraduate education. Easy as like shooting fish in a barrel Phew!

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It was not only difficult for you guys, but the difficult for a person who has masters in it and heretical traits of this subject. Dec 22, None of them have the capacity to make and conduct indigenous policies as well as to implement borrowed policies while effectively plugging the loopholes.

World is a global village: I am really happy for this outstanding efforts to motiveness for aware nation. Author should have spent more time investigating the actual cause rather than blurt out speculations which don’t help anyone.


Unity needed for Aspirants for a legitimate demand 1 2 Theodosius. So, it is my humble opinion that the fault does not totally lie with FPSC’s examination standards, as it is currently doing a good job, but with the students’ reasoning ability. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. Hopes and Pms 1 2 3. Originally Posted by civilengineer92 I have prepared this subject from different sources but i am unable to esssay these questions.

It is a larger question of who Moreover, latest statistics related to this subject 201 be quoted in the paper to score good. To connect with Css Exam Forum, join Facebook today.

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The panel would be charged with identifying weaknesses in the CSS selection system and with recommending appropriate changes. Many questions are formulated in ways that leave room for only one acceptable and safe answer.

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Just go to any Government department, fogum run by a civil servant, and you will be duly humiliated, made to pay bribes and wait endlessly to have your work done.

Monday, June 27, Thursday, August 30, Sent from my Lenovo P1ma40 using Tapatalk. A css essay tests a person’s understanding of an issue and how a standpoint is developed, and justified. Comments 75 Closed Popular Newest Oldest.


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Agreed, there is firum of overhauling the training and evaluation systems both at the civil and military sides. Students must have access to their Essay and Precis exams. Repeated Essay Topics 1 2 Amna. Rather, they are required to demonstrate knowledge of the acceptable answers and reproduce them without error in the required format. Even if the parties are ready for such a prolonged protest, there has to be a consensus on the goal. Only privileged people can express their opinion.

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The intellectual calibre of the civil service is a key attribute in its cds to implement the programmes on which the future of the country depends. If it is those who are at best mediocre at policy to be governed by the mediocre senior level then the system is already inclined at choosing them.

essay paper 2016 css forum

Yes, we desperately need to have competent, responsible and creative lot among our civil servants. Make an outline and write a comprehensive essay. I totally agree with the writer becoz FPSC is just giving a distorted version abt a dismal education system. Rafi Kakar Nothing but a smile