We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. You must be logged in to post a comment. They no more get the care and love of their Grandparents. It makes my homework easy. To some extent it is fine but we should not pretend that we dislike the Indian values and likes only western culture.

Where our Indian Culture is Going Towards? This much influence is not only unwarranted but also shameful. In my view, it is good to learn whatever is good anywhere, but, to learn a thing just because it is of the west only depicts a crumbled and shattered state of the Indian mind. This village consisted of two main castes—a dominant caste of Thakurs and a large untouchable caste of Chamars. What can one infer after reading the above lines? In schools, the language most prominent is English and not Hindi.

We need to give importance to our Indian culture which taught us to live in peace and harmony with other by the way of increasing our tolerance and patience. The medium of instruction is also English, so far so good.

Very few are interested in making adjustments and share their inian with other family members, the word privacy is given greater importance and the love and respect towards other especially elders is decreasing day by day. This much influence is not only unwarranted but also shameful. In this sense, oj refers to the process in the Indian history which led to changes in the status of various castes or their cultural patterns in different periods of history.

The concept of joint families is fastly decreasing every one wants to remain aloof from others. To a great extent the influence of the British can be well understood as, we have remained slaves to them for two centuries. This introduces structural element in the sanskritisation model of social change. This is not their mistake but the mistake of their parents who does not enlighten their children about their roots about their rich cultural heritage.


Essay on the Impact of West on India. We, the younger wedternisation are the idnian of India in a true sense of the word. Some festivals are associated with renowned historical or cultural places like the Khajrao festival, Taj Mahoutsav, etc. They will not get the care and love of their Grand parents and they find themselves in crutches were some others will take care of them.

Western culture has brought with it the seeds of selfishness in the minds of Indian. India is a country rich in its heritage and culture, but we are seeing fading of Indian culture at many places of India, especially at the urban societies of India.

essay on westernisation of indian culture

We cjlture cookies to give you the best experience possible. We individuals should be strong enough to take the good and throw off the bad.

Impact of western culture on india Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Religious Movements in India. We, the Indian youth have always been the power and pride of India. Where our Indian Culture is Going Towards? It is the responsibility of parents to inherit the same and for this it is very necessary that od should also be well versed with Indian culture and traditions.

Essay on the Impact of Western Culture on India

Based on Vedic Astrology, here’s your horoscope for January to December To find western impact on India we do not have to go far to seek. I and My Father are one and the same. We’ll occasionally send you account related idian promo emails.


This means that without going through the process of sanskritisation too, lower castes can rise in the social scale through structural changes, that is, through conflicts and war, through rise and fall of ov, through political stratagems.

Essay on Westernisation in India ( Words)

However, the sad part of this system is that, the schools that lay more stress on Hindi, or use the Hindi Medium of instruction, are known to be second rate schools. It implies that, not only have we taken to western styles, we also admire only them who follow the western styles, in comparison to those who follow the Indian styles.

Start your own schools.

essay on westernisation of indian culture

It is understandable that India is a growing country, so it is necessary westernisqtion knowing all the cultures and their traditions. Youth contribute to the uniqueness of any nation.

Impact of western culture on india Essay

Even in history, we come across various incidents where the youth took the lead to bring about a change and get India independence from the British rule. In schools, the language most prominent is English and not Hindi. Come together in groups regularly to participate in and discuss your culture, and develop the ways of defending it, especially when it is under attack or threatened by conversion groups who are under a foreign influence.

Thus, by westernisation, Srinivas primarily meant the British impact.