The 10 well-trained terrorists, split into four groups, were affiliated with the Pakistan based group Lashkar-e-Taiba, whose senior functionaries were in touch with the attackers throughout the attack — boosting their morale, giving directions, and urging them to kill as many targets as possible. However, there was a last-minute hitch. However, some weaknesses remain unaddressed. Originally published in Sameer Lalwani and Hannah Haegeland eds. Penguin Books India, Kumar 35 , who was killed in the anti-terrorist operation, arrives in Bengaluru.

Jaishankar, the PMO said. The call was made at around The Gurdaspur area for instance is quite close to the Pakistan border and lies between Ravi and Beas, a terrain that is vulnerable. In the ensuing days, the Indian media generally cooperated except one instance when a premature announcement of the release of hostages was made erroneously by the Kenyan foreign minister and was immediately carried by all TV channels without cross-checking with the MEA. If no, then why was the chopper deployed and not drones in large numbers. The army had all the resources to achieve the same.

Terrorists spotted; Centre claims they were contained in forested area. Almost all major Indian newspapers published editorials advising the Indian government to “stay the course” and not serve the purpose of the attackers by stalling or suspending the peace dialogue with Pakistan.

I appreciate our armed forces and thank them for foiling our enemy’s attempt. Identity of terrorists still unclear. First, the foreign secretary-designate convened a meeting of all senior TV producers and print media editors to impress upon them the need to undertake responsible reporting to avoid affecting the safety and survival of the hostages.

It was an attack on India, says Congress leader Anand Sharma. The GOM in turn set up four task forces to pwthankot with specific subjects: In addition, depending upon the specific situation, a specific ministry or agency may set up its own CMG on an ad hoc basis under a senior official to help coordinate responses to a crisis at its own level.


2016 Pathankot attack

The legalization and regulation of cross-border trade would provide one important means of reducing this threat. Following the attacks, the Indian and Pakistani governments both agreed to postpone scheduled diplomatic talks. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development”. First, the question arises on how the terrorists infiltrated the International border or the LOC, despite an alert and heightened security.

However, all other trainees had to bear the brunt of his actions,” a fellow trainee said Delhi Police Special Cell received information that two people from a designated terrorist group based in Kashmir known as Jaish-e-Mohammed had entered the city.

In addition, the January terrorist attack in Pathankot saw terrorists likely entering into Tterror territory by taking advantage of the several smuggling routes, in particular those used for drug trafficking.

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A 6th terrorist is also believed to have been killed. This strongly reiterates xttack point made by the KRC that there needs to be an approved template that guides different government agencies to respond to different crises on the basis of a shared national security doctrine and a strategy.

essay on pathankot terror attack

Retrieved 10 February Indian defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said there are indications that some of the materials used were made in Pakistan. The attack has come across as a big blow not only to the central government but also to the Punjab State government.

Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’ – The Hindu

In this case, the national CMG also met at regular intervals and received updates on the latest developments from the foreign secretary. Six terrorists involved in Pathankot attack: At least one of the activists was arrested by police.

Essau sets up JIT to probe Pathankot terrorist attack. It recommended that each border be assigned to one paramilitary force so that over time each can become familiar esxay the terrain, its particular challenges, and threats.


The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market – The Takshashila Institution

No talks with Pakistan till it takes action on terror: So why was a force like DSC entrusted to guard a vital and strategic location like an air base when we know that the possibility of a terrorist infiltration is very real? Archived from the original on 3 January SP Salwinder Singh and his cook Madan Gopal alert local police about terrorists who abducted them Their claims were not given credence for hours; crucial time was lost.

The Maharashtra state government would have been ordered to provide transportation to the Pathankog commandos on their arrival in Mumbai.

essay on pathankot terror attack

Operation done without compromising any sttack, strategic or otherwise, Parrikar says. The national-level CMG worked discreetly terrror drew upon the goodwill India generally enjoyed among the Iraqis. No state-level CMG met when the crisis broke. There was no single operational headquarters set up to coordinate the response to the attacks and to function as the single interface with the central government, and contradictory instructions passed back and forth between multiple central and state agencies without a nexus of coordination.

Operation done without compromising any asset, strategic or otherwise, says Manohar Parrikar.

She alleged that he married her despite being already married. Government presumes the terrorists smuggled in heavy explosives through the drug-smugglers route in Punjab.