They both have similar journeys of self discovery. Alice describes her new body in much detail comparing it to her old one Simile: Each of these parts is used to deal with different time periods in the story. Following Characters Into Meaning. The two sisters exchange interactions over a diary Jenny is writing.

Posted by Unknown at 8: Would you like to get such a paper? Rather she told her father had died in the accident. A figurative work in which a surface narrative carries a secondary, symbolic or metaphorical meaning. Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list choose a membership plan. Change is shown through the change in families and change in personalities. Page 1 of 3.

Posted by Unknown at 8: Her eyesight is much clearer and sharper without contacts, her skin has changed and even her scent was unique to her. Alice took to wearing sunglasses all the time, to remind herself, to keep something constantly in front of her eyes that would remind her that she looked different.

“Mirror Image” Lena Coakley

When in the hospital and she fssay unable to talk she just wanted to scream because of frustration though she knew that the scream she would scream would not be hers.

Their family has changed because they have lost a member of their family, their daughter. The story takes us through the experiences of a teenager named Alice who underwent a brain transplant into a new body as a result of a fatal accident. The story exposes ideas that a person is not identified in a coqkley attribute, but as a whole.


Alice wants to read the diary as she had done in the past but Jenny feels she does not know her sister as she once had, and states she feels the need to know imrror better before she shares her inner most thoughts. With new body many things change about her.

“mirror Image” by Lena Coakley – Essay

At the end of the story when she asked Mr. Jarred as it was their imrror body she had received in the transplant. She could now walk like a model which she could never do with her old body. In the hospital, Alice feels as though she is a new person. Everything around her seemed different. She learns she had an accident, but she knew within herself long before she was told of the transplant that everything wssay changed.

Mirror Image – Lena Coakley Essay Sample

Although her mother accepted her, still there were doubts in her mind and perhaps whenever she looked at Alice she tried to see the face of Alice in her, and finding it to be someone else the mother might have felt guilty about it. They each describe the protagonist on their journey within themselves.

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essay on mirror image by lena coakley

She can be described as lean as she likes to draw, which was something her dad taught her. Although Alice is entirely aware of this, she is still extremely confused about the new changes, which seem to surround her new life. Newer Post Older Post Home. Alice’s body, however, is often imagined by the reader to be lean and athletic. My brain is me.


Moreover miror was nothing familiar in her eyes. Fortunately for her, the parents of a sixteen year old girl who died when Alice was in the hospital donated her body to Alice. Choose a Membership Plan.

Presenting the impact of modern medical science on human life is the central theme of this story and hence it deals with the psychological and mental impact on the protagonist and other family members more vividly.

essay on mirror image by lena coakley

Also she decides to join the cheer leading team because she is confident in her new body. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. This change is very hard on the family because to lose a family member is very heartbreaking. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. She is also insecure and mirrr at times during the short story.

Seen on an interview after the brain transplant, Mrs. Alice proves to be a dynamic character as her opinion about her new body and who she really is changes consistently throughout the story.

essay on mirror image by lena coakley

At first everything looked strange — the images, the colours and etc.