Ashlyn is at the She was very independent in her own way. To see a list of our top reviewers, click here! The setting of my story is mainly at Buford high sch Have you ever read a realistic fiction book that grabbed your attention in every way? She said, “Im so happy, Grandma. Her mother works in the “ER” so she is not home often so she never doesn’t know what is going on in her kids life.

She needs her grade and doesn’t want to be brought down by this type of girl. That must’ve been gratifying to her and one less thing to worry about. Jul 13, Makaylah Stewart rated it it was amazing. She was the one who was hurting the most, and we saw how she buried that pain through blasting somber rap music and acting out. In the beginning of my book Darcy Wills was being stocked and didnt know what to do she wanted to go and tell someone but couldnt because she was scared that her stocker would do something diffrent. Sep 10, Jalana Weaver rated it it was amazing. As soon as Darcy came home from school her mom went from a shift as being a nurse.

I’m eager, though, to read about her again in the second installment, as hinted by the epilogue at the end of this novel. People in real life also deal with this kind of situation.

If she was not teamed her friend, maybe she would be teamed with some really dumb student who would pull her down.

Lost and Found

Biz lives with her family, goes amd school, explores her Jamee came home and had a black eye almost schraf her eye up. And now her sister has disappeared. The story also took place on the mountains, especially towards the end of the story.


Dont get lazy at first and stop reading because it can actually relate to many people with family problems. She would dream everyday about the things that they used to do as a family. This book was very interesting and exciting at parts. But besides that her home life is tough.

essay on lost and found by anne schraff

Lost and Found also let teenagers know that running away from home isn’t no solutions of any of their problems. Darcy loost had the guts to talk to Hakeem. Nov 19, NY added it. Send Us Site Feedback.

I realy enjoyed this book i think people with family issues should read this book: The authors that write the Bluford series, definitely do a great job keeping the reader interested. She hates it at first. Not too long after she noticed the car, the door opened and the man’s leg swung out.

FAQs Advertise Become a member. Not only was it good, I myself can relate to it.

Then there was the threatening note left on her desk at Bluford High School. While she was looking for her sister, it seemed like the book got more and more intense even though it was the last thing that happened. With a father who walked out on her family five years ago, a grandmother who suffers from dimentia since having a stroke, a mother who works long hours as a nurse in the hospital’s emergency room, a younger sister who has started This whole series of Bluford High novels has always been popular with annee students, and I am finally getting around to reading them myself.


essay on lost and found by anne schraff

I like the way Darcy used her brain towards the ending, because nobody would have thought to go look in the woods, which was where Jamee’s favorite place was to go with her dad when she was younger, before he left her and her family.

She was hated by most of the students at Bluford because of her Academic Achievement and they always thought that Darcy saw herself too good to talk to them. But they are about to lose their Grandma and Jamee and her attitude is getting worse.

Lost and Found by Anne Schraff | Teen Ink

Darcy always got joked around school for being so smart. There is a guy that is falling and stalking Darcy, she even told her friend Brisana.

This was my opinion over the book. Also, she’s forced to team up with a girl she doesn’t like at her school, Tarah, for a biology assignment. Darcy wanted to know why did he leave them for that 24 year old girl. Reader reviewed by babyboo This book is the best I o been through alot of this stuff. This easay has nad of effort and its very particular way people in order to achieve a particular goal and overcome a particular difficulty situation and Darcy who is the main character was in vary bad situation.

She see’s that she has to save her sister and fragile family before its too late.