A beautiful fairy was dancing on the surface of the lake. Many a night I have also seen lights, floating lights, a thousand floating lights, here on the slope, where and watched them disappear under the rocks. Balakot had been left behind, down the mountains somewhere. Memories that have lasted a life time. I have read several excellent stuff here. After every hour, the guide kept returning to me and I would lay still and respond without opening my eyes:

Here, you see numerous small ponds filled with freshwater, meet horse-riders wandering about, and smell wild yellow flowers blooming everywhere. I were a little bit familiar of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept. The continual deluges had tested the patience of farmers in Punjab. No wonder, humans can’t image what He has created for us in the hereafter. The lake is notable for its picturesque setting in the mountains of northern Pakistan. In this bright morning; the sunshine sprawling itself on both sides of the Grand Trunk Road, which was being trodden with traffic from all sorts of vehicles; my car continued to travel, and then, there was Potohar.

So before you plan to see the fairyland, be prepared to travel like Ibn-e-Batuta. As usual mind blowing landscapes with your lens! The lake with its majestic and mesmerizing natural beauty, pleasant atmosphere and associated tale and history, attracts thousands of tourists each year from all around the country during the summer.


A rendezvous with Saif-ul-Malook –

When the population centre was left behind, wheat fields filled the landscape. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The prince was a fond lover and explorer. Does operating a well-established website such as yours take a large amount of work?

I am speechless on this one. The Lake Saif-ul-Malook — a long shot. We are proud of our dear homeland. And then, the madness of the scene became unbearable.

Saiful Muluk – Wikipedia

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essay on lake saif ul malook

I wish soon I can go to this lake, take a lot of photos and experience for new adventure of my life. Outside the shabby restaurant, a couple of sunflowers had blossomed. There is supposedly an underground river which empties into the lake.

Saif-ul-Malook: The Lake of Fairies

May Allah SWT forgive us all. The splendid moonlight had obscured the stars. Then it was just untouched nature. Amazing and stunning photography. It was hard to breathe. You can see more of his work here. The whole episode had me in stitches.


Water supply to this lake is from melting glaciers. Deosai and Paye meadows are now at the top of my visiting list and i will visit soon!!! Been there twice on foot from Laie. I have a permanent desire now to visit this lake again and again. Have a great day.

essay on lake saif ul malook

In mid summer huge snow chunks of glacier float in this beautiful lake. Every year, a polo tournament is held here, with teams from Chilas competing against each other.

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In doing so also saw where the river Qunar begins. A Canadian Totally irrelevant. If you have set all the settings correctly on your camera, JPG will be the most beneficial.