I was very relieved to get the decisions I needed. I spoke to Rudd as he passed through Geneva in Switzerland on his way to Australia to deliver his annual address. The Apology was turned into a beautiful calligraphic manuscript on vellum by artist Gemma Black. And on a more emotional level, many people for whom we were doing this were quite old. Reconciliation Australia is an independent national organisation promoting reconciliation and was also heavily involved. But she was found and removed from her crying mother at the age of four. As a nation, we do have to face the fact that the numbers of Aboriginal children being removed from their parents continue to rise.

Hiding a lack of true historical consensus and contrition on the one hand and seen as insincere and lacking practical consequences on the other. From children, it has stolen love, and family; language and culture; land and identity. One was from Alec Kruger:. We organised a meeting between Northern Territory Indigenous leaders and Kevin Rudd for the middle of December, just three weeks after the election. This motion for reconciliation had been jointly sponsored with Australian Democrat Senator Aden Ridgeway, a Gumbayynggir man from New South Wales who had just been elected into the Senate. For example, helping people to return to country, to reunite with family and to learn about the culture and heritage that was taken away from them.

Kevin told me that he had been up until late in the night writing. The different organisations proposed that I consult widely and also get advice about the event and on who should be invited from the different groups.

Wounds were reopened and there was apolpgy significant increase in the demand for Bringing Them Home counselling services.

How We Said Sorry: Reflecting on the Apology, a Decade On

These keviin combine amongst other elements to form a cohesive, formal speech. Across from us, in front of those giant gates, was a group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. SBS News has re-published it today to mark the occasion. I knew that the Commonwealth had an extra responsibility for actions that had been taken in the Northern Territory—both in the past and with the emergency response.


Language Analysis #6: Sorry, Kevin Rudd’s apology to the “stolen generation”. | kelliepainter

The kevkn before the Apology, Senator Bob Brown, the then leader of the Greens, gave notice that he would seek to amend the Apology Motion to include a commitment to offering just compensation. The apologies were delivered by both Labor and Liberal leaders. Kevin was understandably worried something could go wrong. Reparation and compensation should be paid.

essay on kevin rudds apology speech

There were sensitive seating arrangements, accommodation and flights to book, special arrangements for very elderly people, TV screens in the Great Hall to set up, and outside so that the thousands of people expected to attend could watch. Three seats still close as vote ewsay continues to roll on.

essay on kevin rudds apology speech

Right up until the day before the Apology, people were voicing their concerns about the Northern Apolovy Emergency Response. Everything else has to fit this objective.

‘We say sorry’: Today marks more than a decade since Kevin Rudd’s National Apology

This is a very significant honour in the House of Representatives, generally reserved for visiting dignitaries such as foreign leaders. But Nelson refused to change his position.

We had strangers standing over us.

He was still anxious about the final text, and sensitive to any risk this could be derailed. This recognised the pernicious impact of trauma, including intergenerational trauma, on both members of the Stolen Generations and their families.


Ausdance National Director, Julie Dyson, suggested Indigenous dancer, kecin and choreographer Marilyn Miller to bring the welcome together artistically.

Some shared a joke and a laugh. Rssay this the mantra, how does the Apology help to close the gap? You are commenting using your WordPress. I made it clear publicly we would use stolen and that this was non-negotiable. We needed to bring Australians with us if we were to deliver this apology successfully. By acknowledging and paying respect, those who have suffered can move forward, to heal and ultimately to belong.

essay on kevin rudds apology speech

Log in No account? Written inalmost 20 years before the National Apology, it is based on his own experience as a child of the Stolen Generation. Kim Beazley was Leader of the Opposition at the time.

There was still very little public debate or understanding of this part of our history. This idea and its expression—Close the Gap—had grown out of efforts led by Indigenous kfvin non-Indigenous health organisations working together with non-government groups like Oxfam.

‘We say sorry’: Today marks more than a decade since Kevin Rudd’s National Apology | SBS News

This motion for reconciliation had been jointly sponsored with Australian Democrat Senator Aden Ridgeway, a Gumbayynggir man from New South Wales who had just been elected into the Senate. I was worried this could derail negotiations, but the Aboriginal leaders were understanding.

He also said other issues were more important—like interest rates and petrol prices.