A cartoon of a boy thinking about his model as he watches T. Order our Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: A cartoon of a man talking to the child. The only person he had to hang out with was Roderick and that didn’t go so well.

And only Rodrick knows that secret. So I started parading Rowley around the cafeteria, because after all, he IS my best friend. Frank ends the boys’ punishment early as the drum practice is driving him crazy. A cartoon of a boy talking to a child. The two boys talking to each other in a secret language. But when I tried to do a headstand, I tipped over, and my rear end went right through the wall.

Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules

But I know Dad is just waiting for the first chance to break away and go back down to the basement. A cartoon of a family at dinner time. That they quit fighting. But after Madame Lefrere read over my form, she made me start over and pick again.

It does not go well and Rodrick uses the opportunity to make both Greg and Wkmpy feel like idiots.

Rodrick was always a esay hour late picking me up. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat Tuesday I got my first letter from my French pen pal, Mamadou, today.


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A cartoon of three boys having their lunch in school. He goes to the principal to complain, but the principal can’t understand Chirag’s English and gets the name wrong. A cartoon of a woman talking on the phone as a child cries loudly in the birthday party.

essay on diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules

So I was stuck down there. A cartoon of a Birthday Party. Saturday Things at home have been really good for about a week. A cartoon of two boys with their respective parents. Back in fifth grade, we had a project in Spanish where we had to do a skit in front of the rjles, and my partner was Rowley.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules – Wikipedia

A cartoon of two boys unscrewing the door. Literature Rodrcik Dissertation chapter: I made this one face that made Manny laugh so hard that apple juice came out of his nose. Greg isn’t too fond of Manny either since Manny broke one of Greg’s gaming consoles. Beasley, was when you forgot to convert celsius to fahrenheit! A cartoon of the two boys fighting their mother looks at them.


A cartoon of a boy teasing a child. That they help each other at school. Monday Today was Career Day at school. Order our Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hey have you ever noticed this freckle before? She knows that Rodrick hasn’t done iid to have earned all of those Mom Bucks.

Diary of a wimpy kid

It sounded like it was a pretty wild party. A cartoon of a man talking to his son in their drawing room. A cartoon of a boy on a stool picking rule gumdrop from the Gingerbread house on the fridge] It was really hard to limit myself to one gumdrop or one little crumb of gingerbread each night, but I managed to do it anyway.

essay on diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules

A cartoon of a boy falling backwards due to the sudden movement of the truck. Manny witnesses it and tells his mother.