In many of the cases many children are forced to work under the pressure of either parents or else some other person who is incharge or guardian. Generally the child of poor families work as Child labour. It has been spread all over the country like a disease and poison which needed to be out off this to save the present of children and future of country. This illegal activity of the child labour is increasing day by day even after lots of the rules and regulations against this by the government to completely prohibit the act of child labour. However, just because of the improper understandings of the people parents, owners, etc , children are forced to live life of the elder.

Child labour in India is the hottest topic in the social networking sites nowadays. There is a huge gap between poor and rich people. It is a crime against humanity and truthfulness. It is completely forbidden in some countries however has been an international concern in most of the countries as it is destroying the future of children to a great extent. As we all have gathered here to celebrate Christmas, I

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What is Child Labour Child labour is a type crime in which children are forced to work in their very early age and perform the responsibilities just like adults by taking part in the economic activities. It persists for years and even increasing despite of laws and standards by the government to eliminate it. Banasthali University Apply Now.

essay on child labour in india in 150 words

owrds According to the International Labor Organization, it is found that around million children age group years are working in the hazardous and extremely exploitative field as they belong to the extremely poor family.


We should discuss among ourselves about preventing child labour.

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Humanity itself is at stake here. The Act prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years in hazardous occupations identified in a list by the law. They can ihdia taken as positive and no need to be eliminated. Please Help us to improve, Contact us. And it is banned too.

Child labour is generally used in rural areas and informal urban economy by their parents or owner of factories. It is an employment of the children in any type idnia work which makes children deprived of childhood, proper education, physical, mental and social well being. Ask for kabour Follow Report by Priyankadudeja Most of the children of age group 5 to 14 are found to be involved in the agriculture by their parents in the rural areas. Ask for details Follow Report by Palaksahu Write 10 page essay psychology research can i write a poem for my college essay report college essay video games indja good research paper topics for english pdf write my essay english teacher class.

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They understand that schooling is a waste of time and earning money in early age is good for their family. Essay on Bal Swachhta Abhiyan. Log in to add a comment.

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Sothere must be more employment among the poor people. Secondary School English 5 points. It cchild them away from the happy childhood and good memories with parents. According chhild the national census ofchild labour had involved around Some of the primary causes of child labour are poverty, lack of facilities for proper schooling, growth of informal economy, etc.


To stop child labour, the awareness must be spread everywhere.

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Log in to add a comment. Child labour has enslaved the life of children, separated them from their childhood, education and families, exposed them to serious hazards, illnesses, diseases and many more harms at a very early age.

They are an asset to this wonderful society where we are living in. Child labour is the employment of children below the age of 14 years in any industry or business.

Child labour is not a national problem only; it is a worldwide issue being hazardous wods by day. This act prohibits pre-adults to work under any company or in construction sites etc.

essay on child labour in india in 150 words

Healthy children are the bright future and power of any country thus child labour is damaging, spoiling and destroying the future of the children and finally the country. Children are the lovely creation of the nature but it is not fair that due to some bad circumstances they kn forced to do hard labour before their appropriate age.

Easay want to make them very responsible towards their family in the early childhood of their kids.

essay on child labour in india in 150 words