On the one hand, prominent e-commerce companies are investing their trust in Bengaluru , but on the other hand, the city is paying a hefty price for this rapid commercialisation. It’ll just take a moment. To curtail the situation BBMP had announced mandatory dry and wet waste segregation for every household. So how did the other big cities fare in comparison to Bengaluru? In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

How India’s ‘Garden City’ became garbage city”. After holding off on implementing the split for several years, in October , Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah reaffirmed his objective of carrying out the trifurcation. Bangalore is also used by tourists as the base for visiting the other cities of Karnataka. Additional observations or recommendations are provided for BBMP’s individual areas of responsibilities expanded below. This serves the twin objectives of boosting revenue and discouraging people’s reliance on private vehicles. The first elections to the newly created BBMP body were held on 28 March , after the delays due to the delimitation of wards and finalising voter lists.

Bengaluru produces 3, metric tonnes of garbage, of which only 1, tonnes are segregated and only four functioning waste to compost plants are operational in the state, leaving a significant chunk uncollected or sent to landfills in the outskirts of the city, according to urban development department.

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At least two bins will be based for each ward at one point. The members contesting elections to the council represent one of more of the state’s political parties.

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This is in spite of being poorer and having a population bbmpp similar to Bengaluru. That will preempt sewerage discharge and gauges can ascertain amount of flooding to BBMPs satisfaction.


Some new project-work [14] information is available and a limited web-based project management system [15] has also been started.

A mayor and deputy mayor are elected every year, though not by voting – only a candidate from the Scheduled Caste and Tribes, Other Backwards Caste or an Other Backward Class female from the elected councillors can fill this position. There were innumerable tanks, ponds and lakes all around.

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Animals are dying on a large scale by consuming plastic instead of grass, there is widespread of epidemic among the flora and fauna, climatic conditions, rainfall pattern are getting disturbed.

In yet to be developed areas like Rajarajeshwari outskirts, the sewage drains are just “kuchcha nullahs” – no side walls and houses are literally just inches away from these stinking sewage drains!

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The BBMP has embarked upon numerous tree planting schemes over many decades and with varying levels of success. The other municipalities around the state can follow BBMP’s pioneering example it might very well be an example for India-wide implementation too!

The root cause of the problem begins at household where people bbm; to segregate the wet organic and dry inorganic waste.

From Garden City to Garbage City, Bangalore Essay

A study found the density of trees in Bangalore to be lower than many other Asian cities [53] with an estimated 50, trees lost between the date of publication and Most parts of Delhi except North Delhi and Mumbai were placed much higher than Bengaluru, while Chennai was placed esswy places below.


Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in Bhmp. In one case, it was flowing dark chocolate facing a slum; in another, a woman in a flowing rich salwar kurta, with homeless people taking shelter behind the hoarding.

The Times of India. Bangalore contains more than neighbourhood parks. Thanks for fixing the headers.

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Extract is posted below in case the article is lost: To know more about BBMP visit their page- http: Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. This serves the twin objectives of boosting revenue and discouraging people’s reliance on private vehicles.

Please see Atlantis web site at: Most of the roads in Bengaluru bear testimony to this fact.

The web presence must include near real-time tracking of projects. In the BMP expanded to include 87 wards in and wards in It is better that the BBMP be the final authority.

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Essays on Bangalore – Volume 4. Additional observations or recommendations are provided for BBMP’s individual areas of responsibilities expanded below.

Bengaluru has poor inadequate, poor quality infrastructure for the citizens in general, be they pedestrians, cyclists, private or public vehicle users. The elections to the council are held once every five years, with results being decided by popular vote.

Evolution of the Bangalore Essat Corporation.