Culture that has seen Sindh through millenniums certainly needs to be promoted and protected by all who consider themselves a part of that honorable culture. You are commenting using your Google account. These rituals are described as follows: This is a breakfast food. Written by Kamran Brohi December 7, at 3:

Ajrak is also worn by the Seraiki people of Southern Punjab and Kutch. The children in Sindh should be taught in their own language which will make it easy for them and ensure that Sindhi continues to develop in keeping with modern times. Over the years, ajraks have become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions. Ramesh Lalwani September 23, at Epitomizing their Culture Beautifully September 1,

Notify me of new comments via sindbi. A bust of a priest-king excavated at Mohenjo-darocurrently in the National Museum of Pakistanshows one shoulder draped in a piece of cloth that resembles an ajrak.

People across Sindh exchange gifts of Ajrak and Topi at various ceremonies. Some young trained men have taken up commercial art. On my feeble feet shall I walk.

We also invite your thoughts, verified information to develop this blog. Of special note is the trefoil pattern etched on the person’s garment interspersed with small circles, the interiors oanguage which were filled with a red pigment. This cap ajfak been incised from forehead in the way like half moon that both curving corners touches right and left mandible. The Sindhi cultural traits which are highlighted in this drama is the usage of Sindhi language by the cast of the drama, dresses in this drama are usually TOPI, AJRAK, womenwearing aplicand mirror work dresses and covered their heads.

Modern painting and calligraphy have also developed in recent times. What we do and how we live represents our culture and if we do not live according to the essence of our culture then we should not blame people for misunderstanding or maligning Sindhi culture.


Please clean it up languafe conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone.

On Sindhi Culture

That is why perhaps seero is also served snidhi an offering in temples. To be a Sindhi you have to live by the values that make you a Sindhi; Sindhi culture is what a Sindhi does. The fabric is then soaked in a solution of a special oil and Soda Bicarbonate, which is a complicated procedure and takes several days.

Garlic, hot chili peppers and fresh or dry fennel leaves combine to transform the simple potato into a curry which can be eaten with chapati, puri, rice or regular bread. Then rolled out to one eighth inch thickness and cooked on the skillet on a low flame.

The Story of ‘Ajrak’: History and Making

This drama reflects the concept of feudal lords and their worships and story ajark around the power or authority and the control of the political party. The elegant floral and geometrical designs that decorate everyday objects—whether of clay, metal, wood, stone or fabric can be traced to Muslim influence.

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essay on ajrak in sindhi language

Latest Updates An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Jn required Address never made public. They are presented as Ajrak are lanfuage a mark of respect and hospitality to guests and people of high esteem. This site was desinged by me and my team. This, in my view, is the essence of Sindhi culture and this is what Sindhis should represent in the way they live and conduct themselves wherever they may be.


Sindh and Sindhi people have a culture as old as the hills but it has been on the wane since last six decades exsay to various external influences and the inner intrinsic stagnancy. On different occasions, the Folk dance of Bhagat is also performed by professionals to entertain the visiting people.

Ajrak – Sabaq Ka Tarjuma – Sindhi Notes for Class 9th

Honors the heritage and civilization of Indus Valley Civilization. Sindh, Sindhis and their culture is unimaginable without their beautiful Sindhi language. Top roof of the cap had been decorated with interesting geometrical figures like, half, circular, rectangular, four-cornered, oblique, moon, sun, and stars etc.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

The level of geometry on the garment comes from the usage of a method of printing called woodblock printing in which prints were transferred from geometric shapes etched on the wooden blocks by pressing them hard on the fabric.

This article may be written from a fan’s point of viewrather than a neutral point of view. Join us on Facebook. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: It is one of the major languages of Pakistan, spoken mainly in the province of Sindh.

The policies of these channels are set to highlight and promote all the cultural traits of Sindh.