They are opposing even the long-running demand for upgrading the existing Autonomous District Councils to the status of Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, a demand which the Manipur Cabinet itself had agreed to and recommended at least twice in the past. Initially, the British colonial government had introduced the system to protect its commercial interests, particularly in oil and tea. We will take all indigenous people along, in hills or plains: When the Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee submitted its report on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, it noted that though most people want the law to go, many tribal people in Manipur were equally insistent on the need for the army to stay. It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside certain states, to obtain such a permit. Though the Kukis are an indigenous group in Manipur, there are some who fear that the Meiteis could use the ILP to advance their stand of Kukis being foreigners.

Or we should introduce it in tandem with ILP. Many people were flummoxed. Or, will the Indian government hold a political dialogue and sign peace accord with the Kuki groups? I am sure that very few of those who are supporint ILP have experienced the same. Though the details of this agreement are yet to be disclosed, there is serious concern that Naga-dominated areas within Manipur will be integrated with Nagaland. From to , when I was a journalist reporting out of Lamka, I saw this bitterness express itself frequently.

Thereafter the legislative assembly was dissolved and Manipur became part of the Republic of India in October, The agitation gained momentum after an 11th grade student from Ananda Singh Higher Secondary Academy, demanding the implementation of the ILP system, was killed when police used teargas to disperse protesters.

For the past several months, the state has been wrangling with mass protests for implementing the Inner Line Permit. Submit Please enter a valid email address. However, pointing out the need of enforcing ILP in Manipur, S Eessay Singh, advocate, Imphal Bench- Gauhati High Court opined that, our socialization process is different majipur other society, ILP s require to protect the social, cultural identity of the native people.


essay of ilp in manipur

The end result of this will be more trouble, not less. The total population of Manipur is 2. Inner Line Permit ILP is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow inward travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period. Please enter your name here.

The fractious demand for ILP in Manipur

But it is still used in independent India to protect tribal cultures of the North East. ILP proponents assert that after independence and subsequent accession of Manipur to India, the influx of foreigners and other Indians into Manipur has increased exponentially.

ILP is a British era document. Such regions should be marked unavailable for buying lands by outsiders. It will enable to build an unique Manipuri identity, and gain respect from other societies. So ezsay exactly is the Inner Line Permit, and why is the issue so sensitive? Archived wssay the original on 8 August The bill, even after passage in the assembly, will have to go to the governor and the central government, where it will most probably get stuck.

The BJP has very strongly demanded its implementation for the past few months, after being on to it for a long time. Business and economy- If the ILP came into effect, instead of some business class people who are seemingly controlling the market of Manipur only the indigenous Manipuris people will become mmanipur of shops and other business establishments.

The Inner Line Permit system will cause more trouble in Manipur, not less

Under such a political arrangement, the Kukis and Nagas would enjoy autonomy in their respective areas but remain within the State of Manipur. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh, Burma and Nepal has also gone up. Views Read Edit View history. Despite various assurances from the state government to implement it, the issue of ILP is still in a deadlock as the government is probably, in a state of indeterminate about it.


Political representation — There were instances of non-Manipuri elected in the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

It is obligatory for Indian citizens from outside those states to obtain a permit for entering into the protected state. A non-resident also cannot buy property in these areas. I am sure that very essag of those who are supporint ILP have experienced the same. Signs of growing strife were already evident in the state.

Demand for ILP in Manipur A Perspective From Darjeeling By Upendra Pradhan

Many people were flummoxed. Public appeals by tribal bodies against such attacks in civilian areas were unheeded. Furthermore, most political parties in Manipur and outside, support the implementation of ILP.

The Meitei demand for Scheduled Tribe status itself is incongruous. Unanswered questions So many crucial questions remain about the proposed ILP regime.

essay of ilp in manipur

There is also a lingering question of manipuf the armed Kuki and Naga groups would reach an agreement on land disputes in the hill areas. The necessary laws to restrict permanent settlement by outsiders in Manipur valley can be put into place.

Impossible to implement, this will be a sure-fire recipe for social strife.