According to their work, the basement depth has been estimated in El Gouna area to be around two kilometers. To deform a blob, the user pulls with the gripper at a vertex of one of these strokes. The concept of FiberMesh was maintained to add strokes to the blob and use only vertices of strokes as deformation handles. The system then calculates the region of interest to be affected by the deformation. Then, the lithological model was used to calculate the integrated porosity.

The World’s oldest surviving geological map. The limits between different sand sizes were estimated using a hand magnifier. With these reservations, the interaction techniques of both conditions can be regarded as analogous: Cited on pages 13 and 14 [Ish08] H. Various approaches exist that focus on immersive sketching techniques, as sketching is a prominent technique in the early phases of product design. Cited on pages 10, 11, 12, and 13 [DM96] D. The approach handles interaction without parameter input at the expense of level of detail.

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El Haddad et al. The minimum runoff value through Bili canyon according to the previous discussion is one million m3. Deformation of an object To deform the model the user pulls at a curve.

Especially since ImmersiveFiberMesh had no cut functionality, and consequently cut was also not used in FiberMesh, the task to create an angular shape could not be accomplished. From left to right: The poorly graded samples, which show two main sizes as sand and cobbles, could reflect the sedimentation environment of Aeolian and alluvial clastics for example.


This research proves the feasibility of introducing artificial recharge in coastal plains of the Red Sea.

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Oil exploration efforts pushed the geological studies forward, especially in the Gulf of Suez region. This caused severe destruction of mines, telephone lines and very heavy boulders dragging down the streams.

The material of the study is listed in appendix Eidesdtattliche. The slope was calculated to be 0.

FiberMesh and ImmersiveFiberMesh vs. Exploration expeditions are supposed to cover the whole area. Sequence analysis of the D2 Borehole 3. Bili Canyon cross section in the measurement location. This curve is supposed to reflect the environment changes and therefore the relative sea level variations throughout the geologic time.

The color of the stroke can be altered by keyboard input and loading of exter- nal models is supported. This journal was supposed to be the best collection of national geologist’s research publications, and it was the official publication of the Geological Society of Egypt.

The first question was intended to investigate the suitability of the tool concerning the sketching process. One interesting workshop was held in Hurghada inwhere 81 scientists met and published their work in a special issue of Tectonophysics volume,which contained 20 important papers edited by Xavier Le Pichon and J. Further, there is an urgent need to install flood gauges in all the Red Sea wadis to have measurements of the floods. Linked sequence stratigraphic and structural evolution of propagating normal faults.


Abstract Immersive 3D environments are used in virtual product creation to support designers during the design process.

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The Sequence Boundary SB is the significant erosional unconformity and their eidesstattlicye conformities. Ebrlin Oligocene-Early Miocene These deposits consist of sandstone and siltstone with a basal conglomerate with basalt gravels.

During pulling, these operations are solved sequentially to gain an interactive update of the mesh [Nea07]: These aquifers are separated from each other through mud layers or lenses.

The annual production of the Hurghada field reached 1” bbl at its peak in An overview of sequence stratigraphy and key definitions.

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Special Paper, Volumep. Propagation was expanded to more vertices at the same time. The different energy values of all studied layers are presented at the end as a curve.

Available online at http: Further investigation could be dissertatioh at a possible benefit of a combination of line-based sketching and sketch-based modeling in an immersive 3D environment. Modern CAVE1 painting is drawing into air.

eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin