Thanks for getting Sebastes marinus straightened out. Thanks in advance Dean. With kind regards, Roel. Unfortunately I don’t have any other picture of the strange species and I know it only from these two pictures. I have no idea for how long time..

Mortality rate Posted on: Particularly, those of on timing of migration by species will be appreciated. If you know where I might find one, please drop me an email. The attached pictures show them at approx. If camoflage is so important to many bottom dwellers why would species have bright, light reflecting coloration. I would be pleased if anyone could help naming it.

Can anyone ID this fish pleaase? May i get information like journal, etc about that? It was about 2. I’m located in southern Florida now. It has fish information and fish pictures. Bony Fish Posted on: What is that fish?

Need help with identification Posted on: Does it swim upstream in early spring to strew eggs, then return to lake? Would anyone have any good sources of info.? I was wondering if it would be okay to put another fish in with the betta. Can any body Suggest me what Fish Marker should be use for capture – recaprture method.

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They look like they belong to the cod family? Do I need lights? Also, could someone suggest a few good references keys for species identification of Pacific species, especially those important to the seafood industry. I have recently noticed that some of the fish species in the area especially Yellow Tail Snappers have small drak spots on them. Along with many other doradids. Symbolophorus vernayi and Lampadena speculigera.


It is possible that it might be a fish disease or something. I’m having access problems with my collaborator ID although password seems to be ok.

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Most of the sites I come to can tell me a little bit of information, but then they say that they really don’t know more about this particular fish. We will always remember the ‘bastard cunning fish’ with fond memories. Please feel free to have a look at http: Who recognizes this Indonesian fish? I’ve looked through a lot of the “mug shots” on this site, and unfortunately, I think I’ve narrowed it down to a shark. Some of the older folks have seen the fish before, but really don’t know what it’s “real” name is.

A picture attached, not great but may hlp, the fish is right at the center. I’m just curious as to what it was as i have fished of the coast for years and never seen one.


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If you know where I might find one, please drop me an email. I notice that you don’t have image of Rutilus macrolepidotus, there are a Portuguese book that have photos of them, and your team could ask for autorization to use it. The goldfish are showing white spots on the gill flaps and along the leading edge of the bottom fins. It’s importante that people know the species of their country and to reconize it so they can protect them. James Maclaine from the fish section, BMNH, who helped me with the transcript, would know more about Rueppell fish types at that institution.

I’ve ever worried about hardness or pH because of the water quality here is perfect for the species I have.

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I made photographes of them. Pterygotrigla ” The picture is most certainly of the deepsea species Pterygotrigla Otohime spirai the only species of the genus found in the Gulf of Aqaba from were the photograph is.