The patterns of the protein adsorption onto the different particles was estimated in human serum and plasma with the 2-D-gel electrophoresis. Acupuncture sees the patient on the whole and regards deseases as energetic disfunction. Whereas in former literature only single cases have been described, this examination is the first systematic study on a large empirical and theoretic basis. The particles, that were coated with surfactants were stable over 3 days without any significant change of particle size distribution. In each attempt the germs passed the plants and could be isolated in the discharge at the latest after 14 days. Abstract The subject of this essay is the systematic discription of the theoretic base of acupuncture and the application of this method for dogs, suffering from joint-problems.

The questionnaire included general questions related to their attitudes towards computer and Internet. This theory grew – over some thousend years? In the second part of the investigations the body distribution of the four particle batches was detected in three different tumor models. Illnesses are – on principle? The number of germs in the brook was not measurably changed by the wetlands outlet. For the third trial it was necessary to develop a glioblastoma-model in order to consider the special conditions of the blood-brain-tumor-barrier.

The investigations performed to characterize the neoangiogenesis in the three tumor models used showed a very different VEGF- and FLKexpression. In the first part of the investigations the particles were characterized physico-chemically. By means of a new inspection-piece-technology, which prevented the washing out from germs, it could be proven that Salmonella Typhimurium survived up to 14 months in artificial wetlands as well veterinärmedizjn in rotting filters.

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Illnesses are – on principle? Polymethylmethacrylat- PMMA -nanoparticles produced by gamma irradiation were coated with three different surfactants polysorbat 80, poloxamerpoloxamine The influence of the surfactants on certain characteristics of the particles was investigated in vitro and in vivo and was compared to the uncoated particles.


Furthermore an attempt should be made to increase the motivation for self-study and to lay a foundation for a medical-oriented thinking. Therefore the treatment includes the whole organism. Whereas in former literature only single cases have been described, this examination is the first systematic study on a large empirical and theoretic basis. The lecture contains pages and includes about slides, pictures, graphs and animations. These two years were chosen specifically because the students in the third year attended the lecture in veterinary obstetrics and the fourth year students had to participate at the practical course.

Abstract Six artificial wetlands, sized for the daily wastewater of 5 to persons, were examined for two years monthly in each case directly and seasonally in particular as well as additionally by means of a new inspection-piece technology.

In a hygienic-comparative evaluation between rotting filters and multi-chamber-putrid-pits first fared more badly.

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So diagnosis can only mean to find out the reason of the lost balance of energy, and therapy, to restore this lost balance. Especially in idiopathical cases the desease can be treated by acupuncture without naming it explicit. FU Berlin Digitale Dissertation. The continual utilisation also for the revision for the exam was proven.

Abstract Table of Contents More Information. Therefore, an intracerebral growth of the tumor cells was essential.

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With all examined water purification systems, carry along of epidemic exciters by means of dead and living vectors was a weak point.

The size of the particles in distilled water and after incubation in plasma was determined to obtain information on the feasibility of an i.


It had a minimum health risk due to the closed way of building. FU Berlin Digitale Dissertation. Also the integration of the interactive lecture in the auditorium turned out to be complicated. The 56 dogs that have been chosen for this examination are of various species.

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And secondly existed during this time a permanent reservoir of pathogens, which can be a special endangerment because of short infection ways in the rural area. In contrast to the clinical examination and treatment this one is only based on the traditional methods of diagnosting and treating. None of the studies in vitro-properties correctly predicted the behaviour of the particles in vivo. The long term success of this concept depends on the level of rethinking of the lecturers and the students, new curriculum guidelines of the study and the technical equipment of disserttion universities.

dissertation fu berlin veterinärmedizin

All other artificial wetlands reached a stable and clear cleaning achievement only by an added pond. The number of germs in the brook was not measurably changed by the wetlands outlet. Another set of questions aimed to determine the perceptions of students about the interactive lecture in particular and the use of such tools in general.

Abstract Table of Contents More Information. Iduna Fichtner Third Referee: In all three trials only for the poloxamer and veterinärmesizin coated particles a prolonged circulation and high blood concentration was dissertatioj.