This assessment has to be done during the credit term and if the quality of the product is not satisfying, it can be sent back without paying the bill. The problem that we are faced with is this: An overall view on the results of the relation between the number of days accounts receivables and the profitability of a firm during the non-crisis period, gives a reasonable indication of the management of accounts receivables during the non-crisis period. Geen enkele van de twintig studenten had een volledig correcte uitwerking. They reason that more profitable firms delay their payment to suppliers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Besides discussing the syntax, semantics, and the newsgroup application of DXL, we will also show how heterogeneous sources can be queried and integrated into a single XML document, and we discuss the architecture that is setup to implement DXL.

And part C discusses the regression analyses of this study. The authors Makridakis and Wheelwright consider D-W value between 1. None of the regression models using both dependent variables showed a significant relation between the cash conversion cycle and the profitability of a firm. An analysis of Mauritian small manufacturing firms. Technological factors, like longer setup and processing times increases the level of inventories.

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Aan twee personen zijn het product en de som van twee verschillende positieve gehele getallen onder de honderd gegeven. We discuss this question formally, and in doing so we summarise the work of Zwiers et al. The larger negative percentage of these larger firms is likely gorm be caused by the larger customer base of these firms.

Contradicting evidence is found by Gill et al.

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Another component of working capital is accounts payable, which is in other words not extending trade credit but receiving it from a supplier. Alignment of application architecture to business architec- ture is a central problem in the design, acquisition and implementation of information systems in current large-scale information-processing organi- zations.


The techniques discussed are explained at length in a textbook by Wieringa. This report proposes Dodo, an approach to automatic translation of queries from the complex objects domain into set-at-a-time operations against data stored in a flattened form. Variable Definition Working Capital Measures how long a firm will be deprived of cash if it increases its investment in resources in order to expand customer sales.

Another reason is that firms who pay their bills earlier receive a discount, which in turn affects profitability. It basically means that the accounts receivables of one year have a positive effect of the next years profitability of a firm.

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These parts are accounts receivables, accounts payables and inventories. Ambient Intelligence imposes many challenges in protecting people’s privacy.

It all deteriorated over time, despite the attempts by governments to stop this process. Dussertation first is allowing a delay in payment and second is by giving a discount in payment, which can be seen as a price reduction.

When determining a WCM policy, a firm has to consider both sides of the coin and try to find the right balance between risk and return. This is based on the negative significant relation found during this period. We introduce two variants on the Hidden Markov Model in which this is possible: Help Center Find new research papers in: De Hough transformatie is een wiskundige techniek om een stel figuren van gegeven vorm te vinden waarvan iedere figuur bij benadering gaat door veel gegeven punten.

Research Journal of Business Management, 3 3pp.

The remainder of this page describes the publications in more detail.

The objective of the theory is threefold: The second reason is also based on the fact that this measurement focusses on the operational performance. Unpublished Technical Report, 4 pages. He further stated the findings of Blinder and Macciniwhich indicate that higher inventory levels reduces the cost of supplying products and also protects against price fluctuations caused by changing macroeconomic factors. Current assets Cash and other assets that are expected to be converted into cash in less than one year.


They argue that this is mainly due to the fact that these suppliers have more current information compared to the information of financial institutions.

These differences can mainly be contributed to the difference in macro-economic conditions.

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The results of the crisis period correlation analysis show a negative relation between the number of days accounts payables and GOP. In this study the natural logarithm evaluaation sales will be used as a measurement for size, because it is often used in the working capital literature.

Acadamic and business relevance The third chapter discusses the hypotheses. Interactive forecasting univariate and multivariate methods. Inventories and the Volatility of Production.

This study tries to analyse of whether this aiding is profitable for the firms who aid their customers. The mathematical semantics comes into play only to give rigorous proofs of theorems about ERDs such as verifications of checking and manipulations by tools! Toward a Theory of Technological Dvaluation.